Chapter Sixteen

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"Honey, I'm home!" I hear Daley shout into the apartment. I tie a towel around my body and step out of the bathroom, laughing. "But not from work" I smirk as I make my way into my room to get dressed, quickly pulling on underwear, some jeans with a white shirt tucked in. "Got something from Febe's" Daley calls. I come back out and help him unpack the food in the kitchen. "And that's why I forgive you for not coming home from work as if you were my husband." "You and me married, Bev, what would that be?" I roll my eyes. "A disaster."

"By the way, I just wanted to ask, is it okay if I bring ... a date to your big event?" I look at him with big eyes. "A date? You mean, a proper date? That you won't bring back here to bang afterwards?" Now Daley rolls his eyes. "Bev, is it ever possible for you to be serious?" "Daley, I know you and I am serious." "I met her at Febe's." "You're destroying our sacred place, man." He laughs. "You'll love her, I swear." "I like those girls I have breakfast with from time to time, well, sometimes at least." He takes a deep breath and shakes his head. "You're going to have this attitude when I bring home my future wife and that'll scare her away. You're going to make me end up alone." I give him a bittersweet smile. "You've got me." "Isn't that a relief."

"Wes is coming over tonight, by the way" I announce. "We're watching a movie, feel free to join." Daley pretends to be shocked. "You mean, I can join in? On watching TV? On the TV that I paid for? Thanks, Bev, you're so kind." "Enough with the sarcasm" I scoff. "I'm being nice." "You're an angel. Anyway, is the event formal?" "Mason's throwing around things like red carpet and celebrity guests so ... I guess." "Shit, Bev, not only did you agree to this but also are you calling him by his first time." I sigh. "He offered, it was awkward." "Of course." "I feel like there's a catch to him, something obvious but I just can't figure it out. He's so nice, he's too nice." "Not this again!" Daley says and jokingly slams his hand down on the table. I look at him and breathe out loudly. "It's confusing." "You like him." "Who wouldn't? He's hot, he's supporting a good cause and he's loaded. The last thing's just a plus but it is a positive thing to mention about him. But let's be real, I haven't got a chance with him." Before Daley can interrupt me, I cut him off. "And I'm not saying this to talk myself down, I'm being realistic. And you know that. He just doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would look past ... my size. Daley, don't look at me like that. You know I'm right." "I've met him once, for a second." "Either way, trust me." He sighs. "I'll be the judge of that Friday night." I shrug." "Whatever."

Once Wes arrives, Daley has already gotten a text to meet his new gal so we're left alone. I make some popcorn and Wes drops down on the couch. "Am I going to meet this mystery girl at the launch event too?" he asks Daley who fumbles with his tie but then ends up standing in front of me to wait until I do it for him. Don't ask me how someone who does make-up and fashion better than me is unable to properly do a tie. I quickly get it done and he smiles. "Thanks" he says. Then he turns to Wes. "Yeah, definitely. And I can't wait to finally meet Rita." "Same, she's the one who made this whole thing possible. You meeting her right when we were trying to make MB happen makes me believe in destiny. Well, almost" I add when Daley eyes me weirdly from the side. I grin. "When are you going to be out of here?" I ask. He rolls his eyes. "Now, as soon as possible. Have fun." "Thanks, you too!" Wes calls back and Daley grabs his keys, then he's out the door.

"Rita's really looking forward to Friday too. Apparently her brother's been telling her all about the event and your work and she's so interested in it." "That means a lot even though I doubt she'll really get the message." Wes sighs. "I know you struggle with people supporting this thing who haven't experienced what the people you're trying to help are experiencing but not all of those were on the other side that bullied, Bev." I sigh too. "I know, sorry. I just don't want any of that fake understanding, you know?" He nods. "Yeah, I get that, don't worry." "And I already get that a lot with Mason and I know that it's really all thanks to you and Rita but I don't know..." He looks at me. I laugh nervously and shrug it off. "I'm sorry, I take it all back, I'm being so ungrateful." "No, Bev, I do understand your issue." I sigh. "Alright, let's just watch the movie."


The next day is the day before the big day. And everyone is all over the place. Teachers at school that I have invited are interested, asking me all kinds of questions and try to help. At home, Daley couldn't be more excited either, Rita calls and Mason calls and then Oli comes by and Daley leaves, then Daley returns with what he chose to be my dress, yes, you heard that right, my dress. I still doubt that it's going to be that big of a deal but then again, Mason makes it seem like the next James Bond is being revealed with a surprise movie.

Once the drama at our apartment gets too much for me, I stop by Mel's and help her with organizing all the people that we've already got from the website coming. Even though this must be the biggest deal for her, she seems most calm out of everyone. And I don't make the mistake of asking her about it because maybe that would change her chill state of mind that she's currently in. She may be in the middle of puberty but I am so glad that I'm not in this alone and that I've got someone who is probably even more nervous on the inside than I am overall. Not that I'm happy that she's nervous, I'm just glad I'm not alone. And I'm gonna do everything I can to make her comfortable and not feel pressured about the whole thing.

I get back home where Daley and Wes are hanging out, having chinese food and also some takeaway from Febe's. There's something for me on the counter as well so I sit down with them for dinner, trying to act like tomorrow doesn't have the craziest night of my life in store for me.

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