Ode to the Night

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If it weren't for the night,

the day would seem of little importance.

No child would wish for daylight 

to save them from the monsters

if there was no dark for them to manifest.

There would be no wishing.

For back when there were no silver coins to toss into fountains,

People whispered their deepest desires to the stars 

who dance above our heads next to their sister the moon,

who gives her light to those trapped in darkness

and shares it with those who love it so.

The fireflies would never be seen.

Their tiny luminescent bodies fluttering

and glowing brightly in the dark,

being caught in glass jars and taken home

to shed their light on the walls of

a young boy's bedroom...

The night,

to hide me from my enemies

and keep my secrets safely tucked away.

Who brings kids the pleasure of ghouls and goblins

and haunting and scaring and candy.

Who replenishes each day with cool

breezes and relazing bird song.

Whom without, the world would loose

its secrets, and fun, and light.


Could've been better. Sorry.

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