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Was cleaning out my ubelievably messy filing cabinets/drawers today and I found a lot of older poems I would love to share with you guys! Please keep in mind that most of these were made for an English project in school so they may not be as heartfelt as some of the others. 


Poems, poems, poems,

The project is due Wednesday

And it is still blank, hard to figure. 

She shows up to class.

But leaves her mind at home,

Not ready for the week,

Still lingering on the weekend.

Her body sits in the desk,

But her mind wanders,

Back to Friday's dance,

Back to the question,

Back to the dance floor... 

All the dresses and the suits,

All the food and the pictures,

All the dancing.

She sat at a table,

Alone and staring

As he walked up to her,

As he asked her to dance,

As he looked at her hopfeul

And adorable.

Silence escaped her throat,

Shocked and flattered.

Had this gorgeous creature

Really just asked her to dance?

Her? Of all people?

They float onto the dance floor.

She wonders if it's a dream,

And secretly pinches herself.

Not a dream.

She breathes slowly

As they twirl effortlessly around the room.

Ahs embraces every second

Until the seconds are over.

They bow, very traditional,

Sweet, she thinks.

He places a kiss on her hand,

He leaves her speechless...

Her mind never makes it back to class,

Though her body was convincing enough.

Huh? Poems?

This shouldn't be to hard.

Maybe her mind was here all along.


Yeah, I know. Not my best :P

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