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Life after the War - A Throne of Glass Fanfic by Memeismeme123
Life after the War - A Throne of Memeismeme123
It is a rowaelin fanfic set after the events of Kingdom of Ash. I do not own Throne of Glass or any other of Sarah J. Maas books. All of these amazing characters belong...
Child of Night and Fire by abbymanor
Child of Night and Fireby abbymanor
when ten year old Aelin escaped after her parents were killed she falls into the rivver. only to be saved by elena. but to save the young fire-bringer she has to send he...
'✶~ c h a r m e l a n c h o l y ~✶' by Cheshir3c47
'✶~ c h a r m e l a n c h o l y ~✶'by '✶~ Immerensis ~✶'
'✶~ charmelancholy ~✶' (n.) the sadness tinted with charm and nostalgia after a romantic, but short-lived encounter with a stranger '✩~ Nyx Archeron x OC ~✩' ∙•◦✢◦•∙ In...
STARKID x Reader One-Shots by SavoryLemons
STARKID x Reader One-Shotsby I’m in a Hurry
These are all my Starkid (And Tin Can Bros.) one-shots and ships. We only have a couple rules: 1) Everyone is supermegyfoxyawesomehot 2) Duck IS lord 3) Always dance ...
Lauren Lopez X Reader One-Shots |Requests Open!!| by ChattyCatherin
Lauren Lopez X Reader One-Shots | Catherine Bryte
Cause I don't see nearly enough of these. Hi, I'm ChattyCatherine and I have an unhealthy obsession with Lauren Lopez. I accept any and all requests within reason - limi...
starkid/tcb oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN) by DespressoBean
starkid/tcb oneshots (REQUESTS just a sidekick
so this is my book for all starkid and tin can bros related one shots :) (highest rank - #1 in averypottermusical)
StarKid/TCB Oneshots :) by DeathByDrano
StarKid/TCB Oneshots :)by 🖤❤️Drano❤️🖤
⚠️ This book may contain swearing ⚠️ Oneshots for characters in the StarKid/TCB universes ~ I will NOT write irl ships, smut or 'x reader' stories under any circumstance...
Team StarKid: the Lyrics by TheOfficialKai517
Team StarKid: the Lyricsby Kai517
Team StarKid. I have been a fan for less than a year already. So... here's my book of the lyrics to all of the songs from A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, St...
Starkid Oneshots by Newsiesfan19
Starkid Oneshotsby Bella Graff
Hey I'm turning this into a starkid and TCB one shot book! Major spoilers for their musicals. No x reader fics. Comment ships you want me to write.
Reacting to Musicals by KiityKittyKatKat
Reacting to Musicalsby ~Kat 💚
AKA: Watch me delve deeper into the theatre fandom & fall in love w/ fictional characters.
Starkid One Shots by StarkidRanger1
Starkid One Shotsby Starkid ranger
Random One shots on ships of Starkid. Mostly character ships rather than actor ships. Will include Tin Can Brothers ships.
*Starkid Oneshots!* by CrowleysGlasses48
*Starkid Oneshots!*by jefferoni
Heyo, gems! EE here! Includes: *Fluff *Angst *Possible NSFW content *Mentions of self harm *Suicide *Other depressing things Requests are always open! Even if it's a shi...
Starkid Oneshots by Totally1Awesome
Starkid Oneshotsby Totally Awesome
Recently became obsessed with Starkid again and need to flex my writing muscles so here I am! Give this a chance, let's have some fun :) I'll take requests either via co...
Starkid Oneshots by melodypondxx
Starkid Oneshotsby Tally
Its what it says in the title. I've mainly wrote TUp, Jazzalil and Richpez because I live for those ships but I am willing to add others ships in if requested or if I f...
An Ode to Friendship - Starkid by Theoristmedia
An Ode to Friendship - Starkidby oh, sod off
Dedicated to my dear friend Ava, here is a collection of short stories about Joey Richter and Lauren Lopez and the amazing characters they play.
A Jazzalil Oneshot Collection by emzazzy2004
A Jazzalil Oneshot Collectionby mediocre enby shit
Jazzalil Oneshots because there aren't enough. Read at your own risk, it's very gay. Highest Rankings - #1 in jazzalil #2 in firebringer #3 in meredithstepien #4 in jem...
Musical Quotes by Tragedy03
Musical Quotesby wOw™
Just a bunch of quotes from musicals