Her Love

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Her Love

Could the world really

Be so harsh as to leave me

Lying here without

The warmth of love I have so

Patiently awaited?


Will I finally

Know what it is like to be

Held in his arms

Rather than stored in the back

Of his beautiful mind?


I have decided,

The world could really be so

Harsh as to give me

What I've always wanted and

Then steal it back once again.

{ This is a form of poetry called a Japanese Tanka. It usually consists of three short poems, each containing five lines with a traditional pattern of 5, 7, 5, 7, 7 syllables. Go ahead and count 'em on your fingers, I know you want to.. }

{ P.S. I used the dash lines to mark the end of one tanka and the start of another. I would usually just leave a space but the editor was being... well, retarded :P }

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