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The reason we swore,

Was not one of

Easy forgiveness.

And yet, I



For what you did.


The lies,

The hate,

The enemies

                                    You so easily gave me.

                        This poison has yet to depart from my

                                                Heart, who has bravely laughed at its

                                                                        Doomed fate.

                                    Even so, I now find that the greatest joy,

                                                            Is sparing the poor heart

                                                                                    Of my only foe                                                                                              From ever taking the chance

                                                            That so bitterly died,

With me.

{ Yes, the format is... strange. I copied and pasted straight from Microsoft Word and well, I suppose the bottom half wanted to keep it's former position. Ah, well, enjoy anyways :) }

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