Wild Spirits

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Here they come,

Thunder booming down the streets,

A stampede of stolen freedom

Hurtling through the suburbs,

Creating Chaos,

Disturbing  Peace,

Adding Excitement,

Trying to run from those

Who wish to tame them once more,

An unpredictable and wild mass

Of ghostly figures racing past,

Dodging their captors' every trap,

Escaping through every narrow gap,

On they plunder,

Through the Greens,

Over the Hills,

And I watch them,

Wishing I could toss away my worries

As easily as they toss their heads into the wind,

Never looking behind,

Only forward,

When they're finally rounded up,

And taken away from my aching eyes,

I imagine me finding them,

And releasing them from their imprisonment,

Just to watch them run before me in all their glory,

Just to watch those wild spirits dance around me

And back into the freedom they deserve.

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