17. She is Still Alive

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Unknown POV

It was fairly easy to take over the mansion, the guards did put up a fight but as soon as we blow up the servants building the guards got distracted and the one guard running back to the blown up building helped us even more, with figuring out who he is, Keegan's first love. Ha and the look on his face when he saw his mate, Sarah burned body was priceless. He couldn't even help her because we ensured that the explosive was filled with ginta, a deadly bacteria, that was destroyed by the vampire royal family because it was deadly towards all vampires, well except for them of course, the gods special creation that has to do the gods job in return of living forever and being unkillable. They are so powerful that they are ranked right beneath the gods themself.

That family was creepy themselves, they hardly ever leave their mansion unless, it was absolutely needed and they would send their killing machine Kaston to do their dirty work for them. They even act like they are prefect and are not capable of committing a crime. They should remember how they cover up their son's mate Lam murder of his own mother, brother, step father and everyone in her household and how their son finished the job by killing the man that was married to his mate. Why they did that nobody knows and no one is willing to speak out against them because they are royal. The king and queen did not even punish their son and his mate for killing so many persons without a good reason. But at least they punish their trophy son Keegan for killing off so many people over a mate he didn't love. But know that he is back and happy, I feel so angry he should suffer for the rest of his life just like he did to my mate.

Well at least she is a bit happy we have successfully completed the first part of our operation. We have successfully captured all the mates of the royal family and their children and also we have Jared.

Rhaine POV

When I woke up I was on my knees and my hands were above my body. I was in shackles and I couldn't move, they were so tight I felt them cutting into my skin and I was in so much pain. I looked around gasped in horror as I saw Jared's lifeless head right next to me and his body looked like its was decaying rapidly like something was eating him from the inside out. I looked away as the tears began to fall from my eyes.

"Well looked who finally decided to wake up after four days." I heard a voice said and looked up in horror at the person I saw standing before me.

"R-Rh-Rhin?" I asked staring at the blue eyed lady who looked exactly like Rhin, but from the pictures I saw, Rhin had green eyes.

"The one and only and yes I'm that Rhin, your mate, 'fake mate' who he thought was dead, but then again I was dead, but someone brought me back to the world of the living."

"What do you want with us." I asked in a crooked voice as my throat started hurt.

"Well since your gonna die anyway, why don't I fill you on my plan, but first with a little history, young one." She replied and I just stared at her.

"It all started when I woke up one day and my eyes had changed from blue to green the color I hate the most. But I knew it was the Prince of Vampires favorite color so I thought this was my chance to get him to notice me. I found out he was going to go to the fair with his siblings, so I made sure I was there. Even after all the warnings that my sister gave me about the prince, I still wanted to meet him. Even when I saw him at the fair and my sister told he was gay and not to approach him, and get myself embarrassed, but I didn't believe her and how I wished I did. After I kissed him and he kissed me back he flat out rejected me, even after realising I was his mate. With the help of his sister I inserted my self into his life. But then I started to love him, but he didn't love me at all, he was too busy flirting with Jared to notice me, even though he knew he was Sarah's mate. I even found out their child and that outrage me even more, but I still was hopelessly in love with him. It took me months to get him to  sleep with me and when I finally got pregnant that little mule that was Kaston's 'best friend,' Lam would tease me every time he saw me, saying you helpless fool, in love with a gay man or you really trying to get in his pants when he is trying to get in Jared's pants. What he said really hurt me and what hurt me more was that I couldn't use my magic to hurt him because I was pregnant. But even when I was not pregnant I couldn't hurt him because he it always bounce off him. I always knew he was not only a vampire, but everyone thought I was paranoid because I didn't like him and no one would believe me when I tell them all the hurtful things he said to me. But I had to learn how to ignore him. But then that awful day came when Keegan left me to visit his precious daughter and I was kidnapped and beaten. I had no other choice but to use my magic to keep my baby alive, but you know what happened I still ended of hurting my baby, I used all of my magic to keep the baby alive before Keegan could come to my rescue. But he was too late, both me and my baby had died. He did do one good thing, he avenged me, and also killed thousands of innocent people also."

"You're lying!" I shouted at her. "My sweet Kay would never kill innocent people." She roared with laughter.

"Oh you think am lying, why did you think he was put to slumber 500 years. It was because he killed thousands of people while on his killing rampage to avenge me. Shut oh now and let me finish my story. Anyways I was brought back to life by my mate, my real mate the one who captured you and everyone else her just for me, so I can make you suffer. But enough of talking now." She said as I saw her use magic to summon a sword. 

"You know I killed Jared because he had Kay's heart, but I know realise that he no longer has it. I guess Glorious did do her job right. But now I get to enjoy hurting the new person who has Kay's heart and his children."

My eyes went wide. "Do what ever you want to me but not my children." She glared at me.

"Are you stupid, of course am gonna hurt your children, they are only five months anyways and they can't survive out your body. And I know you can't wait to get them out, they are sucking the blood out of you and you have to be eating so much food to control their thirst, its not like you are a vampire and your body will naturally control your children thirst. So basically am going to help you." She said, smiling at me.

She took the sword Slice down my my belly and continued to open up my stomach until we both saw my baby in their sac peacefully sleeping. Using her sword she pierced the sac and both my babies felt to the ground and I screamed out loud and paint shot all across my body and she started laughing as she chopped up my babies right in front of me. She then lifted her sword and cut both of my arms off while still laughing like a mad man and proceed to chop both my legs off right at my knee and I was bleeding heavily and not to forget my insides where laying out of my body. She was laughing so hard that she was rolling on the ground and the man who captured me came in the room and stepped in her chest.

"Stupid girl, I told you not to kill him or his babies, you stupid, stupid girl." She looked at him with wide eyes.

"But babe, he was the one causing me pain." She said in a soft innocent voice. He looked at her disgust.

"Fix him and his abominations, you are ruining the plan, we don't want his mate to go on a rampage again. Before we can get to kill the royal family." He said looking at her with cold eyes and removing his foot from her chest. She looked at me with with a scowl before casting a spell on me and I screamed in pain, but my I could feel my babies heartbeat and they seem to be normal and body parts were back to where they should be attached to my body. But I suddenly felt my heart beat slowing down and that alarmed me. The man seem to realize that and said, "you stupid bitch, you used his magic to repair him, are you literally trying to kill him and his abominations in front of me." He screamed at her as he kicked her against the steel bars of my cell. He walked up to me, and I looked down to my stomach as I could feel my organs slowly starting to fail as my heart is about to give out any second now. He grabbed my chin and made me look at him in the eyes. "Don't resist me," he said using a tone, persons used for compulsion. He leaned towards me and I tried to move my head but I couldn't, and I soon felt his lips on my mine, I tried to not kiss him back but my body would listen to my mind. I felt so disgusted with myself, I can't believe I kissed back the enemy. He pulled away from me and I could see the disgust on his face. As he wiped his lips and turned his back to me and picked up an unconscious Rhin.

"I only kissed you because that's the only way I could give you some of my life energy to stop your organs from failing. Wouldn't want you to die before my plan has been fully executed now. So be grateful for the kiss, because if I didn't you and both your babies would be dead leaving one heart broken mate. The battle would be boring with a grieving mate in battle." He said as he left me alone in the cell with a now heap of dust where Jared's decaying body was.

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