5. Confused

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Rhaine POV

I was awoken by the sun shining in my face. I tried to ignore it but it was really annoying, I jumped up out of the bed and nearly landed on the floor. Wait! Why am not dead. Why can't I just die, I hate myself so much and nothing I do, will bring to my end. I always thought that if I die, I can see him again, Mason. I really miss him, he was my best friend and my boyfriend. Its my fault he is dead, I just wish I could change what happen but sadly I can't. I sighed loudly and this beautiful lady with dark brown hair that was just luscious and long and her pale skin and those plump red lips, if I was straight I would date her.

"Too bad, I don't date guys." She said in amused voice.

"Am sorry, did I really say that out loud." I replied.

She ignored my question and said, "My name is Sarah Cornelius, and I'm the prince's most trusted servant and he sent me up here to ensure that you are awake and get you ready for breakfast, which will be done in the next ten mins, so you should hurry, you will find clothes in the bathroom." She said, before pulling me out of the bed and pushing me into the bathroom. She was really strong for a girl and didn't feel tingles when I touch, guest its only with Kay. I striped off all my clothes and stepped in the shower and turned on the tap, then waiting for the water to heat up before stepping under water. I had quick shower, since I was starving. I got out of the shower moments later and wrapped my self in the towel around my waist and another on my head. I looked in the medicine cabinet looking for an extra tooth brush and say one with the wrapper still on it. I quickly remove the wrapper and brushed my teeth.

Minutes later I came out of the bathroom wearing a black and white plaud button down shirt and black jeans and a plaid black and white converse. As I came out I saw Sarah and she led me out of the room.

"Boy, you took so long in the bathroom, I was starting to wonder if you were drowning yourself in there."

I cringed at the memory, remembering how I tried to drown myself in the River Tiger. I learned something that day as I barely made it out if the water. Drowning is the worst possible way to commit sucide. Sarah looked at me apologeticly and I raised my eyebrows at her and she looked away. We soon arrive in the large dinning room, where people were already seated. I recognize all these people as Kay's family. I was scanning my eyes looking for him until our eyes connected and I felt trap under his stare. I swear I could see longing in his eyes, but that was completely replaced by fear until he just looked at me blank. His mother sudden talking got me to brake our stare.

"Won't you join us at the table son," she said pointing to towards the seat next to Kay. I quickly went and sat down beside him and everyone started to eat. I looked down towards my plate and belly decided to make a loud round of applause. Later erupted from everyone on the table and I looked down accusingly at stomach, cursing in my mind that's its all its fault. Next thing I know Kas is on the floor laughing and rolling and wiping fake tears. Well I'm completely embarrassed.

"Brother you should learn to feed your guests." Cia laughed out.

"Okay, okay that's enough now please go back to your meal." Kay's mother said. I'm yet to know her name.

I began eating the food, it was scrambled eggs, bacons, gritts and sausage, with toast and hot chocolate. This is my favorite breakfast meal. While I was eating I looked around at everyone as they made light conversation. Wait! Why are vampires eating food, I thought they only drink blood. Also why is the sun not affecting them the light from the sun is illuminating the whole room and I can see people outside cutting grass. I thought I was the only human here. "Ummm Kay, am I the only human here?" I asked him quietly, but everyone at the table seemed to notice. He looked at me shocked.

"Why did you call me that?" He asked staring at me intensely.

"I-I'm sorry, I meant to say Prince Keegan." I stammered out feeling scared. His eyes soften as he continued to stare at my now terrified face.

"I didn't mean to scare you, its just that there is only one person that ever called me that. If you want you call me that or what ever you want, but please don't call me prince." He smiled at me reassuringly after saying that. He leaned over and kissed my cheeks and face began to change a different color. "And you are the human here, so I have to keep an eye on you or Sarah will.

After breakfast, Kay lead me to the library. At Kay began reading lots of books and occasionally scribble things down. While Sarah was homeschooling me. But why she was doing that confused me. I mean, I didn't finish high school and all, but what's the point now, if am going to be his dinner. Why was is His family being nice to me. Who called him Kay before. Why am I not dead yet. Why does death refuse to take me with him. Why am I so cursed. I suddenly felt a chest against my back and my head being spun around and my lips meeting with someone's soft, smooth thin lips. I moaned at the contact and Kay choose that moment to put his tongue into my wet cavern and our tongues beginning to battle and I let him dominate my mouth. He lifted me out the chair and sat down and made me straddle his lap. I wrapped my legs around and continue to kiss him hard. My hands snaked around his neck, pulling him so close to me that there was no space between us. He continued to torture my mouth with his sweet, sweet tongue, I just couldn't get enough of him and I wanted more. But then I remember that I need air and broke away from the kiss with Kay pulling on my bottom lip. I started panting out hard while I stare at his lust filled eyes, that's when I realized what position we were in and I could feel his rock solid hard on pressing against my butt. I could also feel my own erection straining against my pants.

"Your thoughts distract me, can you please don't think so much, especially asking yourself tons of question at one time, its annoying." He breathed out calmly and smiled at me. I got up off if him so I could calm down myself, so this hard on will go away. I felt someone looking at me and turned around if my face was red from the heated make out, then its now flushed with embarrassment, Sarah was just staring at us and fanning her self.

"Damn that was hot can you do that again." She asked with excitement. But before anyone could answer there was a knock on the library door. Kay face brighten, while Sarah owned dropped.

"Come in Jared." Kay sighed out, but he had a happy expression on. Jared walked in with a very beautiful young lady, that seemed to be about 5'7, with long blonde hair reaching the middle of her back and bright green eyes, she had deep dimples in both her cheeks and has a soft look. But seems to be confusing me more is that she had Jared eyes and looks, but had blonde hair like Kay. She ran towards Kay gave him a huge bear hug.

"Daddy I missed you so much. I wanted to wake you but they wouldn't tell me where you were." The girl said with a hint of tears in her voice, while she still clutched unto Kay.

"Jared, can you please take Rhaine to have lunch with my sister, its almost noon now and Sarah, can you finish that task I gave you before. Sarah, please tell everyone that I'm busy talking to Glorious in the library and I wish not to get disturbed." Kay said before we all left the library and could hear sounds like locks being locked.

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