6. Glorious Kingsley-McLawrence

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Rhaine POV

Sarah took off in another direction. While Jared stared at her and sighed. I think there is something is going on between them. I notice Sarah avoided all contact with him.

"Follow me." He said. I wanted to ask him so badly, what's the deal. But either I keep saying things out loud or these vampires can read mind.

"She's my mate, but we both have different preferences. I'm willing to be with her, but she does not want to. I love her and all but she believes I'm in love with K-, some else. I tried many times, but she keep rejecting me." He said in a low voice.

I grabbed his hands reassuringly, he was startled and look down at me his was taller than me but everyone us taller than me at 5'4, he is even taller than Kay. "You just have to keep on trying, I'm sure she will realize how much she loves you too." I said to him. He smiled at me and we continued walking down the hallway. We walked for a while before I started wondering if we were ever going to reach Kay's sister room yet. We finally reached at a large white double doors and before Jared could knock a voice said, "Come in Rhaine, thanks Jared." Jared pulled open the large doors and disappeared. I saw a tall beautiful man, with every inch of him was just flawless and perfect, he was just standing in front of a mirror fixing his hair, dressed like a doctor. "Kacia, will be out of the bathroom, in a minute, why don't you have a seat on the couch right there, he pointed not taking his eyes off his reflection. I thought vampires could not see their reflection. Who ever wrote book on vampires, obviously has not met one. I went and sat down on the couch, as I did a door opened. "Rhaine, brother finally going to let me spend time with you, even if its just so he can talk to Glorious." Kacia squealed out. The beautiful man went over and kisses her lips. "Bye honey, don't over work yourself and the baby now." He told her before he left. She blushed hard before turning back her attention back to me.

"That's my mate, he's quite the looker right?" She asked me. I just smiled at her. She came over and sat beside me. "I want to ask you some questions, if that's okay, or I can just compel you to answer." She smiled at me.

"Well umm, sure I guess, but I want to ask you some questions too."

"Of course, to make this fair, I ask a question and you answer truthfully and you ask a question and I'll answer to the best of my abilities." She said and I nodded. "Do you know who is Rhin Talinero?"

"No, but for some reason that name seems to be familiar to me. What is the name of your parents?"

"Kalvin and Kandice McLawrence. Do you like Keegan?"

I blushed at this questions and looked down in lap and started playing with my fingers. "Well ever since I met him, I felt attractived to him, but ever since he kissed me, I can't deny that I like him now. I just don't get why I like him so much, and literally just met him. But who's Glorious?"

"Glorious Elizabeth Kingsley-McLawrence is the daughter of Keegan and Jared. She's a forbidden child, that is going to die soon. But why are you asking this?"

"I just met her and she called Kay daddy, I was just wondering. Is that the reason why Sarah won't accept Jared."

"No, but I can't really talk about it, they don't like it. Do you have or had a best friend?"

"Yes, his name is Mason, but he died. Can you bring to see his grave, please?" I crooked out with tears in my eyes.

"How can I possibly say no, to that. In fact let's go now and finish our questions on the way. He was more that a friend isn't it?"

I nodded, not trusting my voice. She pulled out of the couch and in the flash of a light we were in the parking lot and she was opening the door and signalling for me to get in. I got in and we drove off.


Keegan POV

After calming down Glorious, we sat down around a table, sitting across from each other. She told me everything about her and how she hates when her grandmother, Jared's mother, would tell her not to get attached to persons because she is going to die. She hates being reminded.

"Dad, I'm going to die today. I mean I didn't even get the chance to know to get to know you or your true mate. Dad please don't talk and just watch, its easier this way." Glorious said as she grabbed my hands and I could only see darkness.

Glorious POV

I let go of my daddy's hand and he remained in place. In ten minutes he will begin to see, what went wrong and what caused me to be born. I went to find Sarah. She was in her room researching about Rhaine, I just walked over to her and touched her head. That will open up her eyes to love and to get over the fact that she feels like she is betraying her girlfriend who found her mate and moved on. Then I gave I touched her head again giving the knowledge of who Rhaine Asfireno is and that he's a descendant of Rhin Talinero family and that her Sister Rhea had continue the family after Rhin and her baby died. The thing is that Keegan's mate was suppose to come from that blood line, but it was not suppose to be Rhin, it was due to the curse of one of the most powerful and evilest witch in the world that made all this confusion to happen. She did this as Keegan killed, when he and his family were cleaning the world of all evil supernatural creatures after the instructions of the Gods and that's how they became Royal and also because their the eldest pure blood vampires in the world meaning they were born vampires and was not created. I left Sarah to her thoughts and went to my other dad, Jared at his station at the front of the mansion, because one of the guards. I used my vampire speed and went to gate.

"Dad its time." He looked at me understanding and was about to ask the other guys to cover for him.

"Its ok man, we get it." The other guards said to him in sympathy. It was no secret who I was. Grandma Kandice ensured everyone knew, since I was her first grandchild. She had three children and no one has yet to given her a grandchild yet. But at least Kacia will give her a grandchild that will live.

Me dad went to the library and I sat him beside my other dad. Then Sarah came in the library and I told her to sit next any one of them. She next to Keegan as I thought. He started to move and then they all looked at me.

"Since you are all here, you must know that you three are all connected to why I was born. Even after Keegan's many tries to abort me. Well you are all about to find out. But first dad, both of you I love guys so much, I wish I could be here but unfortunately this is the end for me. Sarah you need to move on now and accept my dad Jared, he is indeed your true mate. Keegan you need to get over Rhin, she was not your true mate, it was just a curse. Jared, Sarah loves you, she is going to understand now." I said in a dominant strong voice. I put my hand into my heart, I didn't feel any pain as a pulled out a large ball of energy, using my mind I split it into three and send towards the three persons sitting in front of me. All their eyes went wide as it collides in there heads and began to absorb into their heads. They will now see how all the events that occur and cause me to be borned. They will see their past, both good and bad memories and they will understand everything.

Then I put a shield over them to prevent anyone from disturbing them, because this will take a long while. Plus I'm going to die and everyone is going to be in here the second I finish disintegrating.

I saw my life flashed before me. Then I saw the the ruler of the Gods walking towards, he thanked me and gave me hug for my hard work and I asked him to give them a good life. He agreed and I felt my self began to turn to ash.

"Finally!" I breathed out, before darkness was the only thing I could see.

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