14. The Wedding and the Return

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Rhaine POV

Sitting at lunch with my three best friends, only a day sinced, Keegan proposed to me. We decided to wait till the day after I turn eighteen to get married, since I was only sixteen. I couldn't wait and Keegan's mom is already making plans. Taking up a french fry and placing it at my mouth, Olivia looked up at me.

"Why are you wearing a wedding ring." She asked as all three of them started staring at me.

"Well that's because I'm engaged." I said shyly. Mariel and Olivia both screamed, causing everyone to look in our direction. Before they fimally calm down.

"Congrats man." Scott said as he patted my shoulder. While the girls just began interrogating me.

I'm seventeen now and Marrissa is going to be one in a couple of months and we still haven't heard from Kaston or Lamoy. His parents still are searching for them. They tried everything to locate them, but the only thing we got of that, was that they were very much alive, but couldn't find them.

Time seems to fly fast, but the love I have for Keegan seems to get stronger. We were in the middle of an intense make out when there was a knock on our bedroom door. I pretended not to hear it and continue to kiss my man, but the person was persistent and I just got annoyed and went to open the door, it was Sarah, but before I could say anything to her she began.

"The doctor, would like to see both of you, he is in the living room." She said and left.

I looked towards Keegan and he got up and made our way towards the living room. I wondered what happened, there was no need for him to visit us today. He was sitting on the single seat and Kacia had Marisaa in her lap and she was playing with her teddy bear. But as soon as she saw me she stretched her tiny arms towards me and went and picked her up and placed her in my lap, Keegan sitting next to me. Kacia pouted at me and said, "my daughter loves you more than me."

We all laughed at her and the doctor cleared his throat and stood up.

"My son had requested, me to give you this letter." Be said as he walked over to me. I looked at him confused and took the letter from him and he disappeared.

Dear Rhaine,
I know that everyone is probably worried about me and Kaston, but its okay, we're are both alright and happy. I can't explain why you can't see me now or why we can't come home, but its for a good reason and one that will make Mrs. McLawrence super happy. I also want to share with you that I have finally accepted my mate, Kaston as I assume you know already. Oh and tell little Marissa Happy Birthday for me. Tell Sarah that I'm sorry for lying to her, don't ask she knows what I'm talking about. Also ensure that you tell everyone that I will return along with Kaston, three days after Marissa's Birthday next year. We love all you guys, take good care of each other until we can return.
Love Lamoy and Kaston.

I finished reading the letter aloud and sighed with relief, they were alright.

~A year and three days later after Marissa's second Birthday~

This was the day that, Kaston and Lamoy were going to return home. I'm already eighteen, but I didn't get married, me and Keegan decided to wait until tomorrow, so that Kaston and Lamoy would be there.

I have been at the front gate every since the clock was saying 12am and ofcourse my lovely fiance was waiting with me patiently. Its now 1pm and we are still here waiting. I looked away for a second and when I looked back there was a bright light and Kaston holding two toddlers and Lamoy standing with a small bag appeared infront of us. I ran up to Lamoy and hugged him. He chuckled and told me he missed me too. He introduced me to his twin one year old sons, Kasla and Kaslam. We all went inside and were greeted by the rest of the family. Lamoy explained that he was having another miscarriage, they would have been the sixth one, that's why he did not want to get pregnant again. But he saved his boys by calling out to his father, who is the doctor. He found out that the reason his body keep rejecting the babies is because he has yet to accept Kaston as his mate and as soon as he did, he was no longer in pain. But after he had his sons, he was sick and had to remain with his father and his father recommend that it would be best not let anyone know of their where abouts.

Later that night we had a small celebration in honour of there return and me Keegan's wedding tomorrow. There was nice family music, the two twins were chasing after Marissa, giggling and laughing and everyone were talking and having a good time.

I was sleeping soundly in my room, when I felt someone sitting on me, crushing every bone in my body. I gasped out of my sleep and pushed the elephant off me and took in a deep breath. I looked and saw that it was only Mariel. Then I realized that its my wedding day.

"Come on lazy butt, get up and go get a shower. You don't want to be late for own wedding now." She cherped out happily. I got up and went towards the bathroom, I took a relaxing shower, before I got out and a towel around my waist and head. I came out in ny room to see Olivia standing with a blue suit. Mariel threw a robe and an underwear at me and I went into the closet and changed into them. I came out and was handed breakfast I quickly ate already feeling the nerves already. After breakfast, I brushed my teeth and applied deodorant and lotioned my skin. I swiftly put on my suit and shoes and sat back down as Olivia Styled my hair and and Mariel took care of my fingernails. When they were finally finished, they both looked me over before the sprayed me with my cologne. They used our magic and brought us to our wedding set up in the forest behind our mansion and other buildings. We were in our tent, where I was greeted by Scott and my father in law. He was going to walk me up the aisle. Scott, Olivia and Mariel went to take there place at the alter. Feeling kind of nervous at the moment, I was reassured by my Father in law.

"Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." I replied.

He took my arm and lead me to the aisle. The place was extravagantly decorated in green and blue. I heard the wedding song playing and we began walking down the aisle. All I could stare on was my Keegan dressed sexily in his dark green suit, smiling at me as I made down the aisle with his father.

Keegan POV

Watching my baby make it up the aisle with my father almost put me to tears. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. My baby finally reached me and he was blushing like ceazy just staring up at me. I tuned out most of what the pastor said and said my 'I do,' then I saw Kaslam bringing me Rhaine's ring and Kasla giving Rhaine my ring.

"I know pronounce you both husbands, you may kiss." Before I could even react, Rhaine pulled me down to his height and gave me a mind blowing kiss to which I kissed him back even more compassionately.

At the reception, we were all having a blast, and even one or two embarrassing stories here and there. We also danced alot and with everyone. Rhaine was dancing with little Marissa, before we could have our last dance of the night. It was finally my time to have the last dance with my husband. I wrapped my arms around his waist and in turn he wrapped his arms around my neck and we began to sway to the music. Rhaine started singing to me very loudly while we were dancing and I heard Lamoy in the background cheering him on. He continued singing until he finished the song and we stopped dancing.

"Keegan McLawrence, I love you with all my heart and I'm glad that I can get to spend the rest of my life with you." Rhaine said with so much confidence and love.

"Rhaine McLawrence, I'm glad that you gave me the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you more than anything in this world." I said as I leaned towards him and shared a compassionate kiss as everyone around us cheered.

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