4. Sleeping Beauty

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Keegan POV

I dragged Rhaine to my room. I pulled open the double doors and he walked in. I quickly closed the door and brace him against it, I was just a little thirsty but, let me make him think I'm finally going to kill him. So I started to kiss his neck to try calm him down, but that seemed to make his heart race even more. I sinked my canines into his sweet soft skin. He immediately started to moan, he wrapped his arms around my next and pulled me closer. I sunk my teeth further into his his neck and let a small gasp of pain and his grip sound slowly loosen as heard him whisper out, "Its time to see you again Mason."

"Who's this Mason?" I thought as I let his frail body slide down my double door unto the carpeted floor. I left him there and went over to the house phone and speed dialed Sarah, my most trusted servant that takes care of anything belonging to me. I trust her note than any other servant.

"Your majesty how may I be of some assistance at this moment." She giggled into the phone.

"What's do funny, wait never mind, I don't want to know. Come up to my room please." I demanded her and she hangup. A second later she was at my door.

"Come in, but be mindful of my supper leaning on the door." She carefully open the door and scoped up Rhaine and carried him over to my my bed and covered him under the warm blanket.

"Old habits die hard, I see. I remember when you did this to Rhin, does were days." She sighed.

"I thought that topic was taboo." I narrowed my eyes at her.

She got the message and changed the conversation to something else. "You didn't told me you slept with my mate and got pregnant, then ran off to Italy and had your baby without telling anyone and lied saying you were only going for vacation." She breathed out angrily.

I looked at her shocked and pained. "How-ow did you know that?"

"Everyone in this house knows Keegan. Why didn't you abort it. You know that all children born between two persons who are not mates is forbidden, because the child always dies. The child lives until it corrects the wrong persons has done that the Gods, find that child bearing is the only opportunity. But she seems different, she has yet to die, but we all know that will soon happen since your awake."

"Sarah, I know that you must be mad at me but trust me when I said I tried to abort it, but nothing worked. Even st 5months when I sliced my belly open and removed it my self, by the time it reached noon. There was my Belly again and I did a ultrasound the baby was still there. I do feel bad about sleeping with him since I slept with a man that doesn't love me and it wasn't his fault, I seduced him. I don't know why, but I love Jared more that anything in the world and I just can't help it." I breathed out.

"You know I'm not mad about the fact that you slept with Jared. Its your daughter am worried about. She didn't have any of her parents around her growing up, sure Jared visited occasionally, but that still is not enough. You know I'm serious when it comes to kids. Oh and because I know your wondering, your daughter was the one to give you away, she went into your mothers room when everyone was asleep and crawled unto your mothers bed with tears in her eyes asking, 'grandma, why did you lock up daddy'." She shakes her head after saying the last part, poor little girl was so confused.

"Let's go to the library, so you can tell me what has been going on since, I was put to sleep while I catch up on the last 300 years." I said as we began to leave the room.

"What about sleeping beauty over there?" She said jestering.

I stared at my double doors with concentration and created a shield with my mind. "There, may we go now." Its not that I don't thrust my family, I just don't want what happen to my last mate, to happen to him.

When we reached the library, I began to read through books like crazy using my vampire speed, while Sarah filled me in on other things. This is going to be awhile, its 300 years worth of information I have to process even with vampire speed. "Sarah, can you please Annie please and ask her if I may see my daughter please and also I want you to do background check on Rhaine Asfireno, something has been bugging since the moment I saw him in the chamber. He is not even human. His blood tasted like witch, its just small amount but Rhin was a witch and I drank her blood a lot so I know when I taste witch. Mint and chocolate and a light feeling after drinking it. But I believe his human part is more dominant over his witch part."

"You know he does really remind of Thin, same light brown hair and bright green eyes, that shine like emeralds in the night sky." She sighed out.

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that, and go on and check on Rhaine." I said then kissed her for head, she is going to need to pass through the shield. She smiled at me understanding and went to do what I told her. This is going to be a long day I sighed.

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