19. The Witch's Return

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Unknown POV

Ever since Rhin's little stunt, I have kept her locked in the room. Good thing she, did a time zap, to stop herself from killing the children, but that stupid bitch used Rhaine's power to do thr time zap, which caused his heart to slow down and his organs to fail. I eventually moved Rhaine in a room all by himself, because I realise he was uncomfortable with that position. I had to put the spell, I put on the vamp-god and his children, and the princess and her daughter, that put them in a coma, until after the prosses is over or until I feel like to wake them. It was easier this way, to keep them under control. They gave birth to there children, all alive and healthy and I had to wait a month before, I can use them without killing them before the process was over and I'm not that evil to use a just born child and their parent who just did surgery to remove them for my evil purposes. But yet still am evil, I didn't want to be evil, but I guess it can't be helped. I don't even know what I am, I have many abilities, power and magic, meat and blood sickens me, so there for I'm a vegetarian, I stopped ageing around twenty-one. I've never like to be in charge or leading anyone. Yet still I am leading a large group of paranormals who's only intent of bringing destruction of the world created by gods who watch our lives for their personal entertainment. Well they created me to stir the pot of the disaster that was about to come, I hope the royals have their army ready, because the war is about to start as soon as I get this process started.

I went up to my room after checking on all my captives and I even glanced at Rhin to see if she was alright. But I really regret visiting her, I told her she was my mate, so I could get to use her and after casting a spell on my body that would make her think she was my mate, she believed me. She really talked too much and was really annoying, but she helped me gain knowledge about the royals and I told about my plan, well apart of my plan to make her think I was only doing this for her to get revenge on the royals. She believed everything I told her and I wondered, how can she trust someone so easily. I tried to clear my mind of any thought and looked up at my ceiling. Well tomorrow is the ritual or process or whateveryou want to call it, I just want it all to be over so I can get back my mind from this old hag, and yes I'm being controlled and my mind is very well knows of it, and I can't do anything about it, but as soon as this ritual is over, my mind will be free. My mind has been under control since I was in my mother's belly. Both my parents were evil creatures that wanted to make the ultimate successor for the group of evil paranormals, so when they had found the last cookie of the most powerful and most evil witch in the world of course they had to feed it to my mother, so that the power of the cookie would go to me. Well they got their wish from that old fur covered cookie, but they thought they could control me, well they probably could, but they can't control the witch that has taken over my mind. By the time I was born, I was already conjuring up this plan and by the time I wan ten, I had killed my parents and took over their group. I made their group even better and stronger and by the time I was nineteen, I went to wake the Prince's fake make from her death. It didn't even take much out of me to raise from the dead, but I did have to kiss her to speed up healing process, I had brought her to life, but I had to kiss her to heal her injuries she sustain that brought her to her death. Well then again you might not understand my explanation. The witch had given me her mirrors and even tried to talk to me about her problems, as if I cared, I only wish to be free of her.

By the time I looked at my window, I realized that it was time to start the ritual, since it had to start at exactly midnight. I got up from my bed and call to my second in command to get everyone one in their postion for the rituals. We needed the vamp-gods, because only a god can create a being, the vampires to give the witch eternal life and the power and energy from them and lastly but certainly not least we need, Rhin, Rhaine and his children because they are descendants of the witch's sister to help the witch regain her form and her magic. I was also needed for when the witch is created she can get the other half of her mind from me and set me free of her hold on my my mind.

I was brought out of my mindless thinking when my second came to tell me that it was time. I went into the room which looked more like a cave with, pillars, stalactites and stalagmites all around the place. The royals were all setted up in human size test tubes that was placed all around the empty test tube where the witch would be created in. All the test tubes where connected by large pipes that lead from their test tube to the empty one. These test tubes where made by me to extract the powers of the captives to focus their power into to the empty test tube and due to the combination of their power and DNA of the descendants, the witch's recreation would be perfect and once she was created she will immediately take her other half of her mind from me.

I stood exactly infront of the the empty test tube and began my chant of ancient spells. Soon the empty test tube filled up and I watched as DNA from the descendants and the power of the vamp-gods being extract and brought to the empty tube and immediately formed a fetus. Then all the other test tube had started to glow in a green hue and the tube with a fetus was glowing black. The magic from the test tubes of the captives started to travel to the glowing black tube and I witnessed as the witch was form. She wasn't ugly like I thought she would be, she had long black hair and piercing midnight blue eyes, for some reason she reminded me of my mother, but I shook the thought away as the witch opened her eyes and broke the tube and walk towards me, she pushed all of her fingers into my head, but I didn't feel any pain, I just stared at her and she pulled out something purpke from my head and my head and body felt lighter as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. The witch pushed the purple energy into her head and held down her head before she looked up at me.

"Which one should I eat the heart of?" The witch asked in a high pitched voice.

"Eat, Rhin's heart, its full of love, and its the purest of them all. But you already know this, why ask?

She didn't answer, she just went over to Rhin's tube, broke it, pulled her out and then ate it, as if its the most delicious food in the world. I hope the gods are really entertained for allowing me to bring back a dead girl who was suffering from being with a mate that don't like her to being brought backed to life and being fooled that you found your real mate and used for magic, right before an evil witch eats your heart to sustain her new body.

"Well, I guess I will just send these royals back to their family now."

"Why?" The witched asked in a confused voice.

"Well then what would be the point of killing them now and fight a sulking pack of royals. When you can fight a happy set of royals. It would be better that way." Plus the gods will get a kick out of having this whole war go down. I thought the last part to myself with a smile.

"I do agree with you there. Now get rid of them, I have dark armies to raise and plan to start excuting and leave them a little note, saying I have return and to be prepared for a war." The witch said as she strut pass me. Using my magic I wrote a note explaining everything and broke the spell on them making them only be able to wake up once in the safe hands of their family. I cast a transporting spell to send them to their now, fully rebuilt mansion home. Once that was done, I went over to Rhin's body and sighed, she was only a tool for the gods and didn't even try to save her from this and she had went through a lot. I wuickly closed the wound in her chest and transfered both her body and me to the grave yard, more specifically her tombsone. I raised her coffin and placed her back in it and cast a spell to put back on the clothes she was dressed in before I disturbed her grave. I sealed back the coffin and sent it back into the ground. I cast a spell on her and her daughter's grave so that there sleep would never be disturbed again and no one will try to use their power. Rhin deserved rest.

I went back to the witch and she glared at me as I barged into my office, well her's now.

"I'm neutral to this war your starting and yoi can keep my group, I wish not to lead anyone. I just want to relax and enjoy life since you for obvious reasons didn't let me enjoy my childhood." I finished as I left. The witch wouldn't try to do anything as I could no longer be controlled and neither can I be killed. I decided to go to the mountains until this war was over, since I'm not really interested in it. Maybe now I can start a new life and try to be good even though, evil is all I know.

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