2. Waking the Prince

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Rhaine POV

I can't believe, I will finally get my wish. To die. I would do it myself, but I always chicken out in the end. So for the past month, I try my best to get others to do it. Like throw myself in traffic, anger muscle like persons, but it never works. But now I'm being taken to a place where I would be fed to a vampire prince. We arrive in a dessert in the middle of no where, when the car came to a stop. I was told to get out of the car. Kaston pulled on my hand and out of no where a building appeared. I was brought in this huge building with many windows. When we entered a women with long flowy black hair and bright brown eyes with soft pale skin greeted Kaston.

"He's a willing victim?" She inquired in a southern accent.

Kaston flashed her a smile and brought me in a room, where there were large couches and someone handing out food from behind a counter. Kaston told me that I will be staying here until, Its time. He went over to the counter and a food for me handed me it and told me to eat because It makes my blood healthier. Kaston left. I began to eat the food, it was baked chicken and vegetable rice with cucumber and tomato salad and orange juice. I finished eating and looked around. There was about ten other persons here, both male and female. I got even more comfortable in the plush red couch and looked up at the clock. It was just 5 after 3 in the morning. Might as well get some sleep and before a I know it I was consumed by darkness.

I was roughly awaken by someone shaking the life out of me. I opened my eyes and was greeted with pretty blue eyes and I was told to get in line. I quickly got up and join the already formed line.

We were lead across the plain of a dessert, before coming to a stop. We were carefully lead one by one into a hole in the ground, that turned out to be cave like thing, I don't know. Anyways, Its now my turn, I was lowered by the same man with the pretty blue eyes and when I was in there, everyone was talking but I notice everyone was staying far away from something. My curiosity got the best of me and I made my way to the front and saw a large tomb. Then the man with the pretty blue eyes went and open the tomb and everyone gasp, some started praying, some started crying and some where shaking. While I held a stotic expression. The man pull a bottle of red liquid from his jacket and pour into the tomb and then the man quickly got on his feet.

"Welcome back Prince Keegan McLawrence." The man said to the tomb.

Then suddenly a ugly creature looking thing got up out of the tomb and stretched. "Good to be back indeed, it felt like only three days, now be on your way servant."

Then the man with the pretty blue eyes hurry and left and closed the opening in the ground and we were surrounded by complete darkness.

"Now, who's first?" The ugly creature looking thing ask in a thick dominating voice and everyone started to scream and run around. I was suddenly pushed to the ground by someone trying to past me, so I quickly crawled my way to a corner and hugged my feet to my chest.

At this moment I totally regret, agreeing to be the vampire's meal. Tearing, ripping screaming, blood splattering all over the place is all I could hear for only five minutes until there was silence.

I looked around in the darkness trying to see if anyone or anything was still there. I was grabbed by large muscular hands and my body was crushed against, a stone hard, very toned chest. This man rested his head on top of mine and that's when I felt the hot liquids running down my head.

He was.....he was crying but why? But I kept that question to myself and then he said to me, "let's get out of here." Then I was suddenly very sleepy and my eyes began to close as I felt him put me on one of his broad muscular shoulder.

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