3. The Prince's Home

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Rhaine POV

When I awoken it was night time, since I could see the moonlight shine throughout the window. Wait a sec. Where am I? Last thing I remember is being slung unto a very broad muscular shoulder.

Then I saw the most handsome man I've ever seen coming out of a room, I believe is bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. I took in his appearance, long legs, mouth watering v line, with scrumptious lickable eight pack abs, toned but slightly pale skin, broad shoulders, long blonde that just reaches his shoulder, bright blue eyes that can just capture you in one look and deep adorable dimples and plump thin lips just waiting for a kiss.

That's when he started laughing and I quickly looked away as I can feel my cheeks turn a deep shade of red.

"Oh please sweetie, don't look away and do go describing some more, you made me sound so perfect." He giggled out.

"Who are you?" I asked

"Well I'm Prince Keegan McLawrence, what is your name cutie?"

"I'm Rhaine Asfireno, and why...why didn't you kill me, I offered myself to be your meal willingly, so you didn't need to save me." He frowned as I completed my sentence.

"Who said I saved you, who's to tell you're not for my supper later. I was just full and you should know your place and know who you are talking to." He said in a stern voice and for second I saw something flash in his eyes before it was quickly gone and he gave me a hard look before walking into a closet and throw clothes in my face. In a second he was dressed.

"Are you going to sit there and stare or are you going to get dress. I don't know about you but I want to go home."

I quickly got dressed and I saw Kay, that's what I'm going to call him holding out his hand for me to take. I look at skeptical before deciding why not and grab unto his hands. As grabbed his hands I could feel tingles, my heart started to beat fast and I suddenly had the desire to be with him. I got that out of mind as we begin to walk down a long hallway until a reached a familiar desk.

Kay was greeted by the same black haired lady from before, he told her good bye and we headed outside. Then it suddenly came to me that I was in the same building as before. A chill ran down my spine as I realize how cold I am.

"Here." I looked at Kay as he handed me his leather jacket, I was about to argue, but as I saw the irritating look on his face, I quickly shut my mouth and put on the jacket.

He opened the passengers door to his black mustang and I hopped in and he closed the door. He quickly got into the other side and drove off.

About an hour later we pulled up at the most gorgeous mansion, I've ever seen. My mouth drop opened at the sight of huge house painted in white and huge water fountain in the center of the yard. The car came to stop outside the gate and Kay blow the horn.

"Omg, wow do you live here!" I squealed out.

"Yes, I'm a prince, what did you think I live in a shack?" He sounded out.

I blushed hard with embarrassment, I probly sounded stupid to him. Wait, why do I care, I'll soon be his dinner. Suddenly he leaned in close to me, so close that he was only merely inches away from my face. I could even feel his minty breathe on my lips. It was so warm, I just wanted to kiss him.

"Don't be embrass, you're just overwhelmed by the beauty of this mansion." He breathed out huskly. If my face could get any redder, I'd be a tomato.

There was a knock on the window and he sat back in his seat and rolled down the window.

"Jared!" He grabbed the guard hands and kissed both of them. The poor guard, drew back his and blushed.

"Prince Keegan, please refrain from doing such things, especially in front of your guest."

"Guest?" He inquired quizzically and then looked over to me and smiled, I quickly looked away.

"Don't worry about him Jared, he is going to be supper very soon. Plus I doubt, he'll tell anyone about our secret rendezvous," he grind at the guard sexily.

The guard just blush and motion to someone and the huge gates were open. He drove on the left side of the fountain and unto a huge parking lot, with many different cars. He stopped the car in an available space and got out and before I even get to open the door he opened it for me. I just stepped out and he closed the door.

"Why are you being so kind me, if you just going to kill me in the end."

"Well, because my mother raised a gentleman." He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the huge doors and gave me a hard look. "You belong to me from now own, you are not to speak to anyone or anything without my permission. You are about to enter a house full of vampires and I want to stick to me like glue. Do not leave my side and do not go anywhere without me. You are about to meet my parents and siblings please show respect especially since you are about to meet the king and the queen of vampires. Do you understand me."

"Yes, I understand." He kissed my cheek and pulled open the huge double doors. I couldn't help the blush the spread across my face like a wild fire and loud beating of my heart. He looked at me amused and then walked in with me trolling by his side. He entered a huge room with very high ceilings and with five huge crowns. Sitting on the two thrones is a beautiful couple with blonde hair, bright blue eyes and hard features. The younger looking man I recognized as Kaston and another woman that seemed familiar to me, along with Kay looked like carbon copies of the power couple sitting in the middle. Beside the father sat an empty throne and beside the mother sat, who I believe is her daughter and beside the daughter sat Kaston. Both Kaston and the girl looked at me with shocked expressions, while the power couple looked at me confused.

"Mother, Father, Kaston, Kacia, its nice to you all. I must say, I really missed you guys. Yes, mother I've learned my lesson and hope that you and father and everyone have forgiven me for my behavior. Mom can you please stop looking at me like that and hug me." Kay said before he was attacked in bear hug by his mother. Then Cia, Kas and their father approached him and made a group hug. I just stood there feeling like I'm imposing on family time. Then they let him go and his mother looked at him and said, "you must want to go to your room now and catch on what you missed for the last 300years." He shook his head agreeing and was about to leave, before he turned and said, "Mother, can you please inform everyone that the human is mine and that they should refrain from touching my property," in a cold voice and then smiled at his family before grabbing my hand again and dragging me off the to who knows where.

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