15. Honeymoon

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Rhaine POV

After the reception, we were picked up by a limo and brought to the airport. We were taking his private jet, so we would be the only ones on the plane, except for the staff. We were now buckled in and the jet and it took off. I had no idea where we, were going because, Kay wouldn't tell me, he said it was a surprise. Shortly after the the pilot came on and said we were, free to move around.

Kay pulled me into his lap and immediately attached his lips to my neck. I tried to use this opportunity to make him tell me where we were going.

"K-Kay, where are we going again?" I asked and I felt him smiled against my neck.

"I don't remember telling you in the first, but let me give you a hint." He said in between kisses. "It's a private place and I own the place." I frowned at that, that's not helpful at all, that could be alot of places. I decided to give up, since he obviously won't tell me. I pulled him away from my neck and put my lips against his, he chuckled before he licked my lips and started kissing me. I ran my hands in his hair as he pulled my body against his. He bit down on my bottom lip and I opened my mouth giving him entrance into my wet cavern. He licked every crevice of my mouth before he softly bit on my tongue before he started sucking on it, I gripped his hair as I started moaning in his mouth from the intensity. By now my entire face was red as a tomato and my entire body was flushed and I was really turned on and as nice as the idea sounds I don't want my first time to be on a plane. We broke away from the kiss and we both were panting hard with our foreheads against each others. I smiled at him and pecked his lips and sat back in my seat next to him. Even though we have been together for so long, we have not done it yet because Kay said he wants to wait until we get married first. We have done other things, lots and lots of other things, just not sex. I blushed as I remember some of these things. I leaned over on him and hugged his arm and went to sleep, it was going to be a long flight.

I was awoken by Kay gently shaking me, he told me we have arrived safely. We made our way of the plane and soon we were in a limo on our way to our destination. I didn't even get to get a good look at any signs because Kay made sure to block them. We finally pulled up to the place and the came to a stop. Kay turned and faced me with a broad smile.

"Welcome to my beach house on my private island in the Bahamas." My eyes went wide and I smiled and hugged him, "thank you so much Kay, you know I've been wanting to go to the Caribbean in forever."

He chuckled and hugged me to his body. "I wanted this to be special for both of us."

I pulled away and looked into his eyes and his face and noticed he was blushing, its the first time I've seen him blush and it was a sight I love, I leaned up to him kissed his lips. The driver openedthe door of the car and we both got out, we walked up the front door and was greeted by maids, who welcomed us to the island. We went towards the kitchen for a little snack prepared by the chef, while the maids took our stuff towards our room. After we finished our snack we went to our room and I started feeling a bit nervous. The first part of the room looked like a small living room with a huge flat screen TV, with a door at the end of a room, well not a door, more like an opening with a nice pastel curtain. I went inside the room and I held my breath at the sight of the beach at night, I went towards the patio and opened the sliding door and was met with the warm ocean winds. I noticed that Kay didn't follow me out here and was shuffling in the room, I ignored him and was staring at the moon right above the ocean and looked at how the stars illuminated the sky. I felt the presence of someone behind me, I leaned into his hug and stared up back at the sky.

"Its beautiful isn't it." He said and I nodded. I turned around facing him feeling a little brave, I tipped up on my toes and kissed him, wrapping arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He held me up against him as he deepen the kiss and slowly started bringing me inside the room. As we were inside, he locked the patio door and he broke away from the kiss. I immediately tried to kiss him again but he stopped me and chuckled.

"Eager are we." He said as he pushed my head to face the bed. My eyes went wide at the sight, there was two swans made from napkins and rose petals scattered all over.

He pulled back my face to him and I noticed his eyes were darker than his light blue eyes and they were full of lust and love. He smashed his lips against my lips and we moved our mouths in sync as my back fell against the small cushion of the bed. He licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth giving him entry. Our tongues fought for dominance and Kay eventually one and I easily submitted to him. He licked every corner of my mouth before he started sucking on my tongue and I arched my back and moaned in his mouth. He pulled away from my mouth and attached his lips to my jaw, kissing and sucking on it as he went down to my my neck. He layed small kisses on my neck and soon he found my sweet spot and started licking and sucking on it. I felt his fangs poke the soft skin of my neck before they sunk into my neck. It didn't hurt at all, it made me felt even more aroused as I arched my back and started moan out loud like a porn star. He removed his fangs and licked the wound close as he pulled off my my top and I used my magic to get rid of all our other clothes as he started kissing my chest. He reached the hard nipple of my chest and he ran his warm wet tongue over my it and I moaned even louder. He started sucking on my hard bead as he pinched the other neglected one and I wrapped my legs around his waist and started grinding against him. He started on my other nipple and quickly as he started he went towards my stomach, right before he reached my waist and kissed all acrossed it. He looked up in to my dilated eyes and I nodded to him and he grabbed my member and licked the tip and I flung my head back into the bed. He then licked up and down my member and took in both my balls into his my mouth he gently pumped my leaking member. He pulled both my balls out of his warm wet mouth and took in all of my cock. I felt my member hit the back of his throat and he soon started bobbing his head up and down on my member. I ran my hands in his grabbed a hold of some of his hair as I started buckling my hips, hitting the back of his throat as I felt like I was cumming. I froze as I arched my back my and my load shooting in his mouth. He swallowed it all and kissed me hard and pulled away and gave me three of his fingers and I quickly sucked on them. He inserted a finger inside me and started moving it around and he pulled it out and pushed in two fingers this time. I flinched as he started spreading me out, before he inserted a third finger and I felt the tears at the corner of my eyes. Kay leaned down and kissed away my tears, "I have to do this so I don't hurt you when I enter you." I nodded at his words as he removed his fingers and reached over for a bottle of lube on the bed side table. He lubed up his member as he applied some to my entrance. He kissed me, claiming my mouth instantly as he lined up his member to my puckered entrance. He pushed the mushroom head inside me, before he pushed it all the way inside. It was slightly painful, but soon the pain disappeared and all I felt was pleasure as I started moaning. Kay started moving in my me and could help the even louder moans that escaped my mouth. His thrust started moving faster and harder as he pulled all the way out before he slammed all the way back in. His pace picked up even faster and felt my self almost reaching my peak.

"Kaaaaay I-I'm cumming." I moaned out.

"Good baby because I'm there too." He breathed and with one last slam we both came at the same time. Kay clasped on my chest and slowly pulled out of me and I whimpered at that.

"I love you so much Rhaine." Kay said to me as he kissed my forehead.

"I love you even more Kay." I said as I was barely fighting the sleep and soon darkness consumed me.

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