9. Magic and Finding Out

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Keegan POV

The shield around us disappeared. Jared and Sarah still had a worried expression and I noticed something I no longer feel any love towards Jared. I looked at him a bit confused that I couldn't feel anything but then I remember that it was all apart of the curse.

"Rhaine." His name came out of my mouth and then I know something was wrong. I looked around and my mother entered the room with a sad look and then it hit me.

"Where is Glorious?" I asked a bit worried. My mother sighed before she answered.

"She died Keegan and there is something wrong with Rhaine he passed out and he is not breathing but some how he still alive." She said grieving. She really wanted grandchildren and her first one just died even if its a forbidden one.

I ran using my vampire speed towards my room, where Rhaine's body lay lifelessly on the bed, he looked so fragile, but so beautiful at the same time. My sister, Kacia was just sitting on my bed holding his hand, I know its my sister but I felt a little jealous and hold his other hand. I felt all the tingles, possessiveness, and wanting for him in that one touch. I felt them before but not at this magnitude it felt different. But his body temperature, did seem a bit weird. He's burning up I thought.

"I tried to heal him, but it didn't work and I tried both ways."

"Its okay, Kacia, I'll send for the doctor and you should go and rest. You need to remember that your pregnant and no one wants anything to happen to you and the baby."

Kacia left to go to her room, while I asked mom to stay with him so I could get the doctor. He was a very old looking man, and no one knew what he was and he would not reveal it. He lived about an hour away from us. With my vampire speed I was in front of his door but before I could not he stepped out.

"Come on now, carry me. I knew you were coming. Its about your true mate right?" I nodded and picked him up and ran in a second I was in my room. The doctor bow before my mother she was the queen and the most powerful vampire in the whole world and was feared by many. She is even more powerful than my father. She acknowledge him and motioned for him to get up. We stand back and let him check out Rhaine.

"He is fine, but someone tried to kill him, but didn't know he was only part human. He was hit by magic that would kill any normal human. His body absorbed some of the magic but some still affected him. I see your sister was trying to heal him, but only magic can heal magic. If would I'd like if you both would set out of the room for what I'm about to do has an affect on vampires."

We nodded and left the room. My mother hugged me and wouldn't let me go. "Mom, he will be fine."

"I know but someone attacked him in our own home and I really don't want a repeat of last time. Kalvin is already looking into the situation, please don't go crazy like last time." I nodded my head at her not wanting to talk, the past is in the past. The doctor came out and looked at us with a stern expression.

"I know that, you don't want him to go to school, but I do suggest you send him to Adeline Academy to he can learn to control his magic and learn about magic on a whole since vampires can't teach him everything. What I did was to unlock his magic to full potential, he might act a little to strange for about three days, but I doubt you will have a problem with it. He is awake now, ensure to give him lots of water now. You need to get him into the school, fast because now that his magic is open it will build up and will make him very sick and eventually die. He need to use his magic to survive. What about his parents, they should be of help."

"Thanks doctor, whatever you want will be granted to you and I will indeed get him into the school. But as for his parents they want nothing to do with him. He doesn't even know about magic." I said glad that he is alright. Mom went in and check on Rhaine and the doctor pulled me aside.

"People are going to be after him. He comes from the second most powerful branch of witches, warlocks and magic users. Also he is the last one of his family bloodline that is alive. His parents real reason for kicking him out is to protect him, his family members who he tried to reach out but didn't get them was already dead and his parents died the same night they kicked him out. For some reason someone or something is trying to erase that bloodlie and believe me its not the Gods, I've already confirmed with them. You need to ensure his safety even at school." The doctor said before vanishing. Something about his voice sound vaguely familiar as I thought about it. I saw my father walking towards me.

"We found the person who attacked Rhaine. He had to be killed in order to stop him from escaping. But he is indeed a warlock and an evil one at that. He must have been new, for I'm pretty sure we killed all the evil beings even if it was years ago."

My mother came out of the room smiling, "he wants to speak to you and Kalvin carry me dear." My dad scooped up my mom and carried her off. I enter my room and Rhaine was staring at the ceiling. I closed the door and walked towards him. He started smiling as he saw my face, I not its not possible but my dead heart started up again and skipped a beat looking at his smile. He pointed at the chair beside the bed next to him.

"Can I ask you some questions?" He asked shyly. I nodded.

"Are you going to kill me?"


"I didn't think so either. I like you and I don't know why. My heart beats faster, I have this strong desire to be with you. I want you so much and I just don't know why. But tell do at least thing I'm cute." He said shyly and in a low voice almost like a whisper.

"I think you are very beautiful." I answered and he blushed really hard. He sat up and got off the bed and stood in front of me just staring at me.

"Can I do this?" He asked but before I could answer he planted his lips against mine. His lips were so soft and smooth and very plump. His lips tasted sweet and I pulled him into my lap and he wrapped his arms around my neck. Our lips moved in sync against each other and I pulled him against me. He pulled apart for air and rest his head on my shoulder.

"You feel good, I like tingles I feel when I touch you, do you feel them too." He breathed out.

"I feel them too." I moved his head so he can look into my eyes. "I need to tell you something. I don't know how to tell you but you are either a magic user or warlock. I am going to send you Adeline Academy, so that you can learn about magic and how to use it. As much as I don't want to send you I have to, and you must want to finish school, you are just sixteen. I know you might not believe me, but its the truth."

He looked at me for a second before answering, "I do believe you, because If vampires are real then witches, warlocks and magic users are real and the doctor beat you to the whole announcement. He already told what I am and that the green and orange light that I saw was magic and only certain creatures and humans can see it. He also told me about my parents." He said the last part looking sad.

"Its okay," I said to him trying to calm him down a bit, he was about to cry.

"I'm alright, when do I start school." He asked with tears in his voice.

"So eager already, Monday, you have the rest of the week yo get ready. Its a really strict and private school, so you will need uniforms form. But that will be done on Friday as the principal will want to meet you. He is an old friend of my mom, he is also half vampire and half magic user, but he is also powerful, not as powerful as my mom, but powerful enough." He nodded in understanding and we just spent the rest of the day like that, just in each other arms.

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