#NBR Contest Rules

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I've had a chance to read some amazing work on Wattpad but it's sad that these Authors are not getting the due exposure they deserve. So I created the Next Big Recognition, a contest community book club that helps to promote:

The Beginners, the Recently-Joined-Wattpaders, the Up and Coming Greatness, the Underdog, the Friend Seeker, the Next Big Recognition, and anyone who wants to shine a piece of their writing underneath a spotlight.

I raise my glass to you.

Before proceeding, please head on over to our new profile, NextBigRecognition for our improved #NBR RULES. Only applications submitted at the new profile will be accepted. 


General Contest Information

Spotlight Rounds: 

Each week, I spotlight three Authors per round. I will also post one Comment Topic. As a contest participant, you will comment on all three Authors' works based on the comment topic I have provided.

The author is the judge of ONE winning comment within his/her own comment thread and is encouraged to dedicate their next chapter to the reviewer with the most insightful and helpful comment received - also called the Quality Comment.

There are three winners each week! One winner per Spotlighted Author!

Our Partner Bookclubs/Services: (Open for Submission)

- the Wayfarer's Lamppost Book Club (visit  NextBigRecognition)

Why should I join?

As a writer you get:


Your work receives one week's worth of undivided attention from the reading community. This increases your chances of getting your work noticed, placed within reading lists, voted upon, and possibly even rise in ranking.

Story Insight and Improvement

Even award winning authors have editors, why can't you? Comment topics are designed to be thought provoking, challenging, and encourage creative response. You get valuable feedback about your work.

A Following

There is a reason why this contest is called The Next Big Recognition.

My hope is that this contest acts like a self-ran talent agency where your fellow Wattpaders filter you out and streamline your rise to stardom. But then again, that is my hope.

So what do I get if I win?

You win Exposure. And only through exposure do you get the chance to become the Next Big Recognition on Wattpad.

Chapter dedications are a great way to get exposed. Think about it, this Author dedicated a piece of their work in your name. Your name is forever imprinted on that chapter and when people read that chapter, the first thing they see is your name. What's the business term for that? Marketing. Smart marketing done fairly and for free!

When you join, you automatically get put in queue to have your work spotlighted. That's exposure too.

So to break it down even further:

When you join, you immediately fall into the spotlight queue which means you wait until it's your turn to be spotlighted. You earn the privilege to become spotlighted when you participate in each #NBR round.

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