Save the Date (July 25, 2021)

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"It's hard to believe that after being engaged for 7 months that we've finally set a date for our wedding" I say. Alex pulls me close, "It sure is, baby doll". "So, when's the big day?" Trevor asks. I look over, "March 19th". "Awe, a spring wedding. How romantic" Angie says. "Yeah, it is" I smile.

"Who's gonna give you away since your dad is no longer with us?" Angie asks. "Justin said he would give me away. He knows how much I was looking forward to my dad giving me away whenever I got married since he was the one who gave Maddie away when she got married and was planning on doing the same for me and Taylor" I tell her. "That's sweet of him to do that" Angie says. I tear up, "Yeah, it is". I post this to Facebook with the caption, Alex and I have finally set a date for our wedding.

Maddie sees my post, "Mom look at this

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Maddie sees my post, "Mom look at this. Eri and Alex set a date for their wedding". Naomi comes out and looks at my post, "Oh my goodness, this is such exciting news. I just wish your dad could be here to give Eri away because I know she's always wanted that". "Yeah, I know she has. It's still crazy that she's getting married and now with the save the date being announced just makes it feel more real" Maddie says.

Lillian comments on my post, Congratulations to you and Alex Philips. I can't wait until the big day. I love you both. Dianna likes my post. Amber comments on my post, Congrats to you both. I'm looking forward to your big day. You're gonna make a beautiful bride. Justin comments on my post, That's great news, sis. I'm so happy for you and Alex Philips. Taylor hits the love reaction on my post.

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