Happy Birthday Erica! (July 5, 2020)

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Alex kisses me, "Happy birthday, baby girl". "Thanks handsome" I kiss back. "How's our girls doing in there?" Alex asks. "They're doing good. I can't believe that I'm 30 weeks pregnant already" I tell him. Alex touches my stomach, "Neither can I. Do you regret getting pregnant by me so quickly?" "Not really, even though conceiving these two before our first official date isn't the most ideal" I admit. "No, it's not. We may have only met 7 months ago, but I couldn't imagine being with anyone else" Alex smiles. "Me either" I blush.

I gently rub my stomach, "These girls have been doing a number on my body, but I don't mind them growing inside of me these past 7 months and I can't wait until we're able to hold them in our arms". "You're still very pretty" Alex says. "Even though I look like a balloon ready to pop?" I ask. Alex kisses me, "I don't mind how you look. You're carrying my babies and I'm in love with you". "I don't know how I got so lucky" I kiss back. "I'm the lucky one. You could've been with anyone, but you decided on dating me even though you know how much older I am than you" Alex says. I look at Alex, "Guys my age are too full of themselves and immature. I might've considered another guy closer to my age, but then I met you and I like where things are going with us. Even my family likes you and can see the way you are with me".

Naomi knocks on the door and Alex answers the door, "Hi Mrs. Johnson. Eri's over on the couch". "Hi Alex" Naomi says coming in. "Hi mom" I say. "Hi sweetie. I just wanted to drop off your birthday present before I go with your aunts" Naomi tells me. "Have a good time with them. You deserve it" I smile.

Naomi hugs me, then hands me my present, "I will sweetie" Naomi touches my stomach, "Bye girls, grandma loves you and can't wait to meet you". "Ouch, getting kicked by both of them really hurts" I say touching my stomach. "Sorry sweetie. I'm just excited about becoming a grandma again" Naomi apologizes. "It's ok, mom. I think they just know your voice and decided to kick me at the same time" I tell her.

Alex kisses my cheek, "Feeling any different now that you're 28?" "Besides the fact that I'm pregnant. No, 28 doesn't feel any different than 27" I smile. "Us turning 28 and 48 should feel a little different, since they're the first ones that we've celebrated as a couple" Alex says. I look at Alex, "Yeah, they are. 2020 is a good year so far and just getting better, since our girls are due in 10 weeks". "I agree with you on that. I can't wait to meet them" Alex smiles. "Neither can I" I tell him.

I carefully get up and go to the bathroom. "I'm gonna make dinner now" Alex says heading to the kitchen. "Ok sweetheart, I am getting pretty hungry" I say coming out after washing my hands. Alex starts cutting up carrots, then looks up, "Want a water?" "Yeah, I'd like one" I smile. Alex goes over to the fridge, grabs a bottle of water, and then hands it to me. "Thanks handsome" I say taking a sip of water. "Anytime, baby girl" Alex smiles.

"Wanna try a bite?" Alex asks. I look at Alex, "No, I can wait until you're done cooking". "Ok, just thought I'd ask since I know how much you like the way I make smothered chicken with potatoes and carrots" Alex says. "That I do" I smile. Alex helps me sit down, "You ok?" "Yeah, I think so. I just got a little lightheaded" I tell him. "Just take it easy because I don't want you getting hurt" Alex says. I nod, "I will, babe".

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