Weekend Getaway

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*February 28th*

Alex kisses my shoulder, "I'm sorry we couldn't go somewhere better, but we both have to be back to work on Monday". "Hey, it's fine. I love being here with you and this rental is so beautiful" I smile. Alex touches my stomach, "I can't wait for your next appointment and hear our baby's heartbeat". "Me either, babe. It's on Monday at 1:30" I kiss Alex's cheek. "I'll take lunch at that time, then" Alex says.

I step out to the balcony and look at the ocean, "Such a beautiful sunset". "I think it's worth a photo" Alex says. I turn around, "I think so, too". Alex goes over to me and puts his arm around me, then takes a picture. I look at the picture, "That's a great photo of us". "Yeah, it is. I love how the sky makes your eyes sparkle" Alex says. I blush and Alex looks at me, which causes me to blush more. "I still don't fully have it figured out how I got so lucky" Alex admits. "I guess it's worth taking the risk to find out how you did" I giggle.

Alex picks me up and carries me to the bed, then lays me down, "You are well worth the risk". "Just kiss me already" I tell him. Alex climbs on top of me and kisses me. I run my hands down Alex's back and deepen the kiss. Alex grabs my hand, "Don't answer it. We haven't had a real moment alone since we started dating". "But it could be important" I tell him. "More important than me?" Alex asks. I look at Alex, "It could be my mom and she's a little more important than you. You are my boyfriend and the father of my unborn baby, but she's my mom".

Alex gets off of me and I answer my phone, "Hello". "Sorry to call you while you're away with Alex, but dad's in the hospital. You need to come right away" Taylor says with tears in her eyes. "I'll be there soon, Tay" I tell her, then hang up. "What's going on?" Alex asks. "My dad's in the hospital and by the tone of Taylor's voice. It doesn't sound good" I say. "Ok, let's go to the hospital. You need to be with your dad" Alex says. I get up and put my shoes on with tears in my eyes. Alex rubs my back, "It's gonna be ok". "I hope so, babe" I say as we leave.

I touch David's hand, "Dad, I don't know if you can hear me but I want you to know that you're gonna be a grandpa again". "Eri's pregnant?" Maddie asks. "Yeah, she is. I just found out 2 weeks ago that she is" Naomi says. Maddie looks at Naomi, "I can't believe my baby sister is having a baby". "Neither can I" Naomi says. I look at Maddie, "I'll be 12 weeks along tomorrow". "That's exciting. I can't wait to be an aunt again" Maddie says.

"I love your sister and am gonna looking forward to being a dad again" Alex says. "I know you love her. She's been happier these past 2 months than she has in a long time" Maddie says. "I've noticed that as well. Our sister doesn't need to deal with another jerk, since she's already been with 2 guys that didn't deserve her and now she's with you" Taylor says. Alex touches my back, "Good thing I'm not a jerk. I might be a lot older than her, but she's the most important person to me other than my son".

"He's very mysterious, though" I joke. "Nothing wrong with a little mystery in a relationship. It keeps things interesting" Naomi says. Maddie, Taylor, and I exchange looks. "I never expected your mom to say that" Alex admits. "Us either, babe" I tell him. "Do we even wanna know how it keeps things interesting for you and dad?" Maddie asks in a surprising tone. "I don't think you do, girls" Naomi says. "You are very surprising, Mrs. Johnson" Alex says. Naomi looks at Alex, "I hope in a good way". "Of course" Alex smiles.

*Next Day (February 29th)*

Alex hands me a breakfast sandwich, "It's bacon, egg, and cheese". "Thanks handsome" I smile, then take a bite of it. "You sure are sweet to Eri" Maddie says. "I try my best and I know that her mind isn't exactly on food, but she needs to keep up her strength since she has a baby growing inside of her" Alex says. "Neither one of her exes would ever do anything like this for her, even if she was pregnant with their baby" Taylor tells him. "Well, that's the difference between me and them. I'm a nice person and would do anything for the ones I love" Alex says.

"I wish you would wake up, dear. Me and the girls are here praying for you" Naomi cries. "Is Justin on his way?" Taylor asks. "I called him yesterday telling him what happened and I thought he would've been here already" Maddie says. Alex takes a drink of coffee and touches my leg, "Want anything else to eat?" "No thanks, I'm good. That sandwich was good and I don't wanna overdo it" I tell him. Alex kisses my cheek, "I'm just looking out for you since I care a lot about you". "I know you are and I appreciate you being here for me during this difficult time" I smile.

I lay my head on Alex's chest and he rubs my back. Justin comes in, "I'm sorry for not getting here sooner. I was gonna come after work, but I ended up having to work a double shift and didn't get home until 2 o'clock this morning". "It's ok, son. You're here now and that's all that matters" Naomi says. "How are you holding up, mom?" Justin asks. "The best I can, Justin. I just wish David would wake up" Naomi says.

"I'm guessing you're the man my baby sister is crazy about" Justin says looking at Alex. "That I am. I'm also the father of your next niece or nephew" Alex says. "You're pregnant, Eri?" Justin asks. I smile, "I sure am. I'm 12 weeks along". "Congrats sis. I know how you are with your nieces and nephews, so I'm sure you'll be a great mom" Justin hugs me. "Thank you, big brother" I hug back. "You're welcome" Justin says. Alex holds me, "I have a son from my previous marriage, so I know how to help".

I answer my phone, "Hi Isaiah". "Hey, I need you to come in. The whole staff is here because something came up with one of our clients" Isaiah says. "I can't come in today. It's Saturday and I'm at the hospital with my family. My dad had a heart attack yesterday and is in a coma" I tell him. "Ok, we can handle things without you. Your dad's more important than this is" Isaiah says. I feel tears slide down my face, "Thanks for understanding". "You're welcome, Erica. I'll keep you all in my prayers" Isaiah says. "Thank you. That really means a lot to me" I say, then hang up.

Alex touches my hand, "Was that your boss?" "Yeah, it was. One of our most important clients had something come up and everyone's in the office today, but I told him about what happened and he understood and told me that my dad's more important than coming in" I tell him. "Isaiah has always put family first" Justin says. "Was he like that in school?" I ask. "Yeah, he was. I was supposed to go with him and some friends during spring break our junior year of high school, but that's when grandma passed away and he told me that we could always take the trip next year" Justin says.

"Sounds like you're working for a great person, since he's being so nice" Alex says. "Yeah, he's a great guy. So are Amber and Richard, but I owe Isaiah a great deal of gratitude since he's the one who told me about his firm having an opening" I admit. "It's always nice working for people that care about you" Alex says wiping away my tears. I smile, "My bosses are all great and so are my coworkers. My friend, Laura already took claim of being our baby's godmother". "She's gonna have to go through Angie when it comes to that" Alex laughs. "Yeah, I know. They're both gonna make it hard on us to decide" I shake my head.

*Next Day (March 1st)*

Dr. Tingle comes out, "Mrs. Johnson". "Yes" Naomi says. "Your husband's brain activity has decreased significantly since I checked on him yesterday before I left work. You all might want to go say your final goodbyes" Dr. Tingle says. I hide my head in Alex's chest and he rubs my back. "This isn't fair. I can't lose my husband" Naomi cries. "I'm so sorry, Mrs. Johnson. We've done everything we could to help him" Dr. Tingle says. Justin and Maddie go down to David's room and Alex follows with me. "Mom, you gonna come with us?" Taylor asks. "No, I want to remember your dad the way he was" Naomi says. "Ok, I'll stay with you because I don't think I can bring myself to go see him" Taylor says.

I touch David's hand, "I love you and I'm gonna miss you so much, dad". "Do you think the kids should've been here with us?" Maddie asks. "No, I think this would've been too much for them" Justin says. Alex touches my shoulder and I look at him, "I can't believe he actually isn't gonna be here to meet his next grandchild". "We'll make sure that little one knows his or her grandpa" Justin says. "Thanks bro. I just hope he or she knows how much everyone loves them" I say with tears in my eyes.

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