Welcome to the World (August 21-22, 2020)

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I grab the back of the chair, "Alex, I need to go to the hospital". "You still have 3 weeks until the girls are due" Alex says in shock. "Yeah, I know but I'm in labor" I say grabbing the chair.

Alex calls Dr. Wheeler and she answers, "Hello". "Hi, Dr. Wheeler it's Alex. Erica's in labor" Alex says. "How far apart are the contractions?" Dr. Wheeler asks. I grab the arm of the chair and Alex looks at the clock, "5 minutes". "Ok, I'll have a room ready for when you bring her" Dr. Wheeler says. "Ok, we'll be there soon" Alex says, then hangs up.

"Get room 1043 ready for me. Miss Johnson is on her way here and I don't want her to be in a messy room" Dr. Wheeler says. "Right away, Dr. Wheeler" The nurse says, then goes to room 1043. Alex helps me into a wheelchair. "Hi Erica" Dr. Wheeler says. I squeeze Alex's hand, "Hi Dr. Wheeler. I guess the girls couldn't wait any longer to make their appearance". "That's just fine. I'm gonna deliver them once you're fully dilated" Dr. Wheeler reassures me. "I'm a little nervous about this" I admit. "I'm not going anywhere, darlin'. Just keep ahold of my hand and before you know it our little girls will be born" Alex says kissing my forehead. I nod.

Dr. Wheeler checks me, "Looks like you're 2 centimeters dilated. I'll check on you again in a little while". "Ok" I sigh. Alex holding my hand, "I'm right here, so just keep ahold of my hand". "I don't think I could get through this without you" I kiss Alex. "You don't have to worry about that because I'm not going anywhere" Alex kisses back.

*3 hours later*

Dr. Wheeler checks me again, "Sorry, but you're still only 2 centimeters dilated". "They're not in much of hurry to be born" I say. "Just hang in there. It's only been 3 hours and 35 minutes since you went into labor. I'll check on you again soon" Dr. Wheeler tells me. I nod, "I'll try my best". "Want some ice chips?" Alex asks. "Not right now" I tell him. Alex kisses my forehead, "Ok, I just thought I'd ask". I smile, "I know you were".

Dylan comes in, "Hi dad". "Hi buddy. Did you have a nice week with your mom?" Alex asks. "Not really. Her and Kyle were busy with wedding plans, which I wanted nothing to do with it" Dylan says. "I forgot about them planning their wedding or I would've switched weeks" Alex says. "It's fine, dad" Dylan admits. I squeeze Alex's hand and he looks at me, "Another contraction?" "Yeah, that was a big one" I sigh. "Just hang there, baby girl. It's only been 4 hours and 10 minutes since you went into labor" Alex says.

I look at Alex, "Yeah, I know. I just wanna meet our little girls". "They'll be here when they're ready. Dr. Wheeler can't deliver them when you're only 2 centimeters dilated" Alex tells me. Dylan looks at Alex, "How long was mom in labor with me?" "A little over 34 hours. You were born at 4:38 pm" Alex says.

I carefully move into a more comfortable position. "Want another pillow?" Alex asks. "Yeah, I think that'll help" I smile. Alex grabs a pillow and places it behind me, "There you go, baby girl". "Thanks babe" I say squeezing Alex's hand. "Don't break my hand by squeezing it" Alex jokes. I glare at Alex, "You wanna give birth to our girls?" "I was only joking. I know our girls have been depending on you for the past 9 months and I can see how much pain you're in just to bring them into this world, so I'm sorry for making light of the situation" Alex says feeling guilty. "I'm sorry, too. My hormones are off the wall right now and I don't mean to lash out at you" I reassure him.

Alex kisses me, "I know they are, darlin'. If I could trade places with you, then I would. You and every other woman out there that's had a child put your bodies through so much and us men don't know how it feels for you, but some of us are willing to do anything to make you feel more comfortable". I kiss back, "How did I get so lucky?" "Hey, I'm the lucky one. You coming into my life 8 and a half months ago is the best thing to ever happen to me, besides being a dad and I wouldn't trade that for anything" Alex admits.

*32 hours later (9:20 pm; August 22nd)*

Dr. Wheeler checks me, "Looks like it's time to meet your girls, since you're finally fully dilated". "I am?" I ask in surprise. "You sure are" Dr. Wheeler says. Alex looks at me, "It's gonna be ok, baby girl. I'm right here and will continue to hold your hand as you deliver our babies". "I can't believe this is happening" I tear up. "Neither can I, but our little girls are almost here" Alex says.

I start pushing while squeezing Alex's hand. "You're doing good, baby girl" Alex says while holding my hand. "I see a head. Keep pushing" Dr. Wheeler says. I keep pushing. Dr. Wheeler takes the first baby out and hands her to the nurse, "First baby is a girl. Now time to meet your other baby". I squeeze Alex hand and continue to push. Dr. Wheeler takes out the second baby and hands her to the nurse, "Baby number two is also a girl. Now time to clean you up and the nurses will clean up the girls". I nod and Dr. Wheeler cleans me up.

Alex looks at Larissa, "Hi sweet girl, I'm your daddy". Larissa opens her eyes. I look at Jaxsyn, "You and your sister are such a blessing to me and your dad". Jaxsyn stretches in my arms. "I love you" Alex says softly kissing my forehead. "I love you, too" I smile. "So, what are the girls' names?" Dr. Wheeler asks. I look up, "Larissa Michelle and Jaxsyn Solan". Dr. Wheeler writes the names down on the birth certificates, "I just need you both to sign them". Alex and I sign them, then hand them back to Dr. Wheeler.

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