Weekend Adventure

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I put the oven on 375 and go change. Erica looks at the clock, "How is it only 4:30? I was hoping that it was closer to 6, so I can get home". "It'll be 6 before you know it and you can enjoy the weekend" Laura says. "Yeah, I know. It just seems like for being a Friday that this day is going by slowly" Erica says.

*Erica's POV*

I pull into my parking spot, then park and get out. "Hey, I made dinner for us" Alex says. "I thought you had your son" I question him. "I was supposed to, but my ex-wife called me earlier and told me that he wanted to stay with her parents for the weekend because his cousin's gonna be there as well" Alex tells me. I lock my car and then go in with Alex, "Well, I guess with you looking at me like that I can't turn down your offer for dinner down". Alex smiles, "It beats fixing something for yourself". "You have a great smile" I say. "Thanks Erica" Alex says. "You're welcome. I hope you made something good" I say. "I'm sure you won't be disappointed" Alex says opening his door for me.

"It sure does smell good in here" I tell Alex. "I made seasoned tilapia and roasted red potatoes as well as oven roasted Parmesan asparagus" Alex says. How does this man that I just met this morning know one of my favorite dishes? He's probably been talking to Trevor about me. "Sounds good. I'm starving" I say. "Well, the table's all set if you wanna take off your coat and join me in the dining room" Alex flirtatiously says. I take off my coat, hang it up, and then go with Alex.

Alex fixes a plate of food for me and sets it in front of me. I look up, "Thanks Alex". "You're welcome" Alex says. I take a bite, "Oh my, this is better than how Trevor makes it. Don't tell him that I said that, though. I know you work with him now". "My lips are sealed" Alex winks. Why must he be so flirty? He's so different from both of the guys I've dated. "They better be" I sternly say. "They are, Erica" Alex says.

*Alex's POV*

"So, I guess other than what Trevor's told me about you. I would like to know you better" I say. "What would you like to know?" Erica asks. "Let's start with something easy. When's your birthday?" I ask. "July 5th and before you ask my age. I'm 27" Erica says. "I'm 47 and will be 48 on June 20th" I say. "Oh nice, I don't mind that you're 20 years older than me" Erica winks. Good to know that my age isn't a turn off for her. I was a little worried about that. "So, how many siblings do have?" I ask. "I have 2 sisters and a brother, but they're from my mom's first marriage" Erica says. "That's nice. I only have a sister" I say.

"I also have 4 nieces and 2 nephews who I love very much. My youngest nieces are both 11" Erica tells me. "I don't have any nieces or nephews, but my sister is pregnant with her first child" I say. "Well congrats. I'm sure your sister's gonna make a great mom" Erica says. "Thanks. She's already a great aunt to my son, so now it's my turn to be an uncle" I say. "How old is your son?" Erica asks. "He's almost 13 and I love being his dad, but can't really stand my ex-wife" I admit. "I can't stand either one of my ex-boyfriends either" Erica says.

I grab the plates and take them out to the sink. Erica looks at the pictures on the wall and smiles, "Your son sure does look like you". "Thanks, but he gets his strawberry blonde hair from his mom" I say. "I can see that from this picture of all 3 of you together" Erica says. I come out, "That's the only picture in here with her in it. I only have it hanging up because it was taken shortly after Dylan was born and we wanted one of us as a family". Erica looks at me, "If you don't mind me asking. How long were you married?" "We got married when we were 21 and got a divorce when Dylan was 4, so 13 years" I say. "Oh wow, that's a pretty long time. My parents are going strong after 30 years" Erica tells me.

*Next Day (December 7, 2019)*

I grab a clean pair of pants out of the drawer, put them on, head out to the living room, and answer the door. "Sorry for waking you, but I need some place to hide Angie's Christmas present" Trevor says. "That's fine. You can hide it here" I say. "Thanks buddy, I appreciate you doing this for me" Trevor says. I look out the door, "She sure is pretty". "I know it was my idea for you to make her dinner last night, but take things slowly with her. She's a good girl and I don't wanna see her get hurt again" Trevor tells me. "I'm not gonna hurt her. I know she's so much younger than me and I shouldn't even consider pursuing her, but she doesn't seem to mind that I'm 20 years older than her" I tell him.

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