First Family Vacation/Alex's Birthday (June 20, 2021)

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"You ok, babe?" I ask. Alex looks up at me, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just trying to soak in the last year in my 40s". "Well, the girls are sleeping and Dylan's watching a movie in the other room. So, let me make you feel young" I smirk. "I like the sound of that" Alex says picking me up and kissing me. I deepen it after wrapping my arms around Alex's neck.

Alex lays me down on the bed, takes off his shirt, climbs on top of me, and then kisses me. I run my hands down Alex's back and deepen the kiss. Alex kisses down to my neck and I moan. "Dad, the WiFi's down" Dylan says. Alex gets up and goes to check the modem, then unplugs it, "Give it about 5 minutes, then plug the modem back in". "Ok, I will" Dylan says. I sit up on the bed, "Well, that sure did kill the mood". "Yeah, it did" Alex sighs.

"Dada" Jaxsyn giggles. Alex looks at me, "Did she just say her first word?" "I think she did. Jax's first word is dada and I can tell that just melt your heart" I smile. Alex picks up Jaxsyn, "Yeah, it did. Nearly 10 months old and I'm her first word". Jaxsyn nuzzles her head on Alex's shoulder. "She sure is a daddy's girl" I say. "That she is" Alex smiles. Dylan comes out, "What's going on?" "Jax's just said her first word" I tell him. "That's awesome. Nice job, little sis" Dylan says.

Larissa stands up in the playpen, "Momma". I pick up Larissa, "Hi baby girl. I guess I get to be your first word". "What was my first word?" Dylan asks. "It was puppy. Your mom and I bought you a dog for your first birthday, but you didn't know his name so when you saw him. You just called him puppy, which your mom was hoping your first word would be momma or dada but instead it was puppy" Alex says. "I remember that dog. He was my best friend and I was so upset when he passed away" Dylan admits.

*3 hours later*

"You want your present now or wait until we get back to our room?" I ask. Alex looks at me, "I wanna wait until we get back to our room". "Ok, you can have your present when we get back to our room. For now, we can just enjoy dinner with the kids" I smile. "That we can" Alex says touching my hand. Jaxsyn and Larissa sucking on their bottles. Dylan takes a bite of his sandwich.

"I can't wait to marry you" Alex smiles. "Me either, babe. It's crazy that we've been engaged for nearly 6 months now" I say. Alex looks at me, "Yeah, that's crazy to think about". Waiter pours champagne into our glasses, "Need anything else?" "Not right now" Alex says. "Ok, just let me know if you need anything" The waiter says. Alex looks up, "We will". I take a sip of champagne. "Have you and dad started planning your wedding, yet?" Dylan asks. "Just a little bit. Your sisters have made it a little hard to plan anything" I tell him.

Alex leads me to our room, "I love you, baby girl". "I love you, too handsome" I smile. "So, what you wanna do to close out my birthday?" Alex asks. I wrap my arms around Alex's neck, "I can give you the present I have for you". "I hope I'm gonna like it" Alex says. "You sure will. It's a great present" I kiss Alex. Alex deepens it.

I come back out in this

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I come back out in this. "Damn, happy birthday to me" Alex says. I giggle, "I told you that you'd like your present". "I sure do" Alex kisses me and I deepen it. Alex kisses my neck causing me to moan, "Oh Alex". Jaxsyn and Larissa sleeping in their playpen and Dylan falls asleep watching a movie.

Alex lays me down on the bed, takes off his shirt, climbs on top of me, and then kisses my neck again. "Oh Alex" I moan. Alex starts licking my neck causing me to moan a bit louder. "Oh my, that feels good" I moan. Alex looks at me, "I'm not hurting you. Am I?" "No, you're not. It feels really amazing" I say trying to catch my breath. "Ok, just making sure" Alex says kissing me and I deepen it.

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