Our First Valentine's

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*Erica's POV*

I hand Alex a box and he opens it, "This is a pregnancy test". "Yeah, it is. Look at the results" I smile. Alex takes the test out and looks at it, "We're having a baby?" "Yeah, I am. This is a result from our fun day on December 7th" I say. "So, you're a little over 2 months along?" Alex asks. "Yeah, I am. I'll be 10 weeks along tomorrow and here's the first ultrasound of our baby" I tell him as I hand him the ultrasound picture. Alex looks at it, "Oh wow, this is an amazing picture. I can't believe you've kept this a surprise for so long". "It was hard to keep it a secret from you, since I've known for 3 weeks and I wanted to tell you right away" I say.

"This is some Valentine's gift. I'm looking forward to being a dad again and I'm going with you to your next appointment" Alex says. "I figured you were. I'm waiting until you were with me to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time" I admit. Alex kisses me, "I love you". "You what?" I ask in surprise. "I love you. I know we've only been together for 2 months, but I do love you" Alex smiles. I blush, "I love you, too". Alex touches my stomach, "You ok with being pregnant with my baby?" "Of course I am. It did come as a shock when I found out, but I couldn't imagine having a baby with anyone else" I smile.

I get up and answer the door, "Can I help you?" "Valentine's Day delivery for Erica Johnson" the delivery guy says. "That's me" I say. The delivery guy hands me a bouquet of flowers and a giant stuffed rabbit, then leaves. I look at Alex, "How'd you know tulips and snapdragons are my favorite flowers?" "Your mom told me when I was ordering flowers" Alex smiles. "I had a feeling that she told you" I shake my head. Alex kisses me, "Hey, I'm glad she did or you would've gotten roses like everyone else". "Yeah, that's not unique" I kiss back.

"Is the stuffed animal too big?" Alex asks. "A little bit, but I love it. You're so sweet and I love being with you these last 2 months" I smile. "I try my best at being a good boyfriend to you and a good dad to Dylan and our unborn child" Alex says. I lay my head on Alex's chest and he rubs my back. "I hate to move you, but someone's at the door" Alex says. "Darn it, I was just getting comfortable" I tell him. "I'm sorry, baby girl. One of us has to answer the door, though" Alex replies.

I get up and answer the door, "Mom, what are you doing here? I thought you and dad were gonna be busy today". "We are, but I just wanted to see if you wanted to go out to lunch with us" Naomi says. I look at Alex and he looks at me, "Sorry Mrs. Johnson, but we're gonna be going out to eat with Trevor and Angie". "That's fine. Just thought I'd ask" Naomi says. "Oh mom, I have a surprise for you that I already told Alex" I smile. "What's that, sweetie?" Naomi asks.

"You're gonna be a grandma again" I say. "Maddie and Phoebe are both done having kids and Taylor just got out of jail last month. So, I'm not sure how I can be a grandma again" Naomi questions. I hand Naomi my ultrasound picture, "There's your next grandchild". Naomi looks at it, then at me, "Are you having a baby?" "Yeah, I am. I'm 10 weeks pregnant" I tear up. Naomi wipes away my tears, "You're gonna make a great mom and Alex, please take care of her". "I will, ma'am. We've been together for 2 months now and she means a lot to me" Alex says.

Trevor looks at me, "There's a nice glow to your face". "Yeah, that's because I'm pregnant with Alex's baby" I smile. "Congrats, you two. You're gonna be a great mom, Eri" Angie says. "Thanks Angie" I say. Alex kisses my cheek, "This is the best Valentine's gift I've gotten". I blush, "I'm glad you love your gift". "So, this happened shortly after you two met?" Trevor asks. "Yeah, it did. The day after we met to be exact" Alex admits.

I quickly get up and go to the bathroom. "Her morning sickness must've kicked in" Angie says. "I'll pick up something to ease that when we leave" Alex tells her. "Is it weird that you're having another baby after 13 years?" Trevor asks. "Not really. Kristy and I were talking about having more kids, but we ended up divorcing when Dylan was 4 and we tried having kids before we had him but didn't have any luck until we were finally blessed with our only child" Alex says.

Alex grabs a bottle of prenatal vitamins and a bottle of morning sickness relief gummies, "These should help with your morning sickness and to make sure you two are healthy". "I'm so grateful that you know what to do. I have no clue what I'd do without you" I tell him. Alex touches my hand, "You're gonna be just fine. We're a team now and having a baby together, so don't worry about not being sure how to handle this".

I kiss Alex, "This is the best Valentine's Day I've had in a long time". "I feel the same way, baby girl" Alex kisses back. I wrap my arms around Alex's neck, "I've never been in love before. I thought I was in love with Julian, which is probably why I dated him twice". "It's ok to feel that way. Sometimes it takes a few bad relationships to know what love really is" Alex tells me. "Yeah, I know. I'm finally happy and I love being with you" I smile.

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