Baby Shower (May 16, 2020)

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"Babe, you need help with your dress?" Alex asks. "No, I think I've got it" I say struggling with the zipper, "damn it, I guess I could use help". Alex goes behind me and zips up my dress, "There you go, baby girl". "Do I look ok?" I ask. "For being 23 weeks pregnant with twins. You look incredible" Alex says. I look at Alex, "You're not just saying that to make me feel better. Are you?" "Of course not, darlin'. You look amazing and I love being with you for the past 5 months" Alex smiles. "I love being with you as well" I say with tears rolling down my face.

Dianna holding Willa, "You look very pretty, Erica". "Thanks Dianna. It's crazy that I'm 23 weeks pregnant already and that precious little girl is almost 2 months old" I tell her. "Just think in just under 4 months you'll have 2 of them" Dianna says. I touch my stomach, "Yeah, I know. I know I had just met your brother when this happened, but these last 5 months with him have been amazing". "It's been a long time since he's been happy. His divorce from Kristy changed him because he could actually see who she was, even though they had been married for 18 years and were together ever since they were 16" Dianna admits.

I carefully sit down and Taylor sits beside me, "How's my nieces doing in there?" "They're doing good. Just kicking like crazy, though" I tell her. Willa starts sucking on her bottle. Naomi hands me a bottle of juice, "I thought you might like something to drink". "Thanks mom. I was getting a little thirsty" I smile. "You're welcome, sweetie" Naomi says. Hailee sets her phone on the table, "I'm stuck here while my friends are out having fun". "Lose the attitude. This is your aunt's baby shower, so you're gonna stay here until it's over and afterwards. I'll let you go do something with your friends" Maddie says.

"What's with Hailee?" Phoebe asks. "She's mad at Maddie for making her come to my baby shower. Maddie has lost trust with her after she snuck out in the middle of the night to be with her boyfriend" I say. Phoebe looks at me, "Oh my, I'm glad mine and Justin's kids aren't like that". "Yeah, I know. With Justin being a cop, I think your kids know how to steer straight and stay out of trouble" I tell her.

Amber sets her gift down, "Sorry, I'm late. All of us named partners had a meeting earlier and we just got done a little bit ago". "It's fine, Amber. I already knew about the meeting, since Isaiah's wife told me about it when she got here" I say. "Ok, I wasn't sure if you knew about it or not" Amber says. I touch my stomach, "Whoa, calm down in there girls".

*2 hours later*

I carefully sit down, "As much as I enjoyed my baby shower. I'm glad to be home". "I'm sure you are, baby girl" Alex says placing his hand on my stomach. "These girls are finally calm" I tell him. Alex kisses me, "That's good". I kiss back.

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