Chapter 12 :: Dream Proposal or Dream Career

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Here is the twelfth chapter guys!!!!

Some people really don't understand and their nagging just doesn't end.

Firstly, guys when it struck me that I can post spin off chapters, I thought that readers would love it. They would accept this new concept and break the old pattern. But no, I was wrong. I started writing these spin off's because of 2 reasons.

1. I sometimes crave to write certain scenes. I am someone who gets bored very easily, so to not get bored with my own story I had decided that I would write whatever I want to at that moment. For example- when I posted Valentine's day special, I wanted to write that scene so bad but according to the story I wouldn't be able to because clearly the next part had to be continuation.

2. Whenever a festival or special day comes I just want to show you all how they celebrate it, so that you guys become really familiar and homely with the characters. And for a fact I don't wanna exceed the story unnecessarily while writing about these festivities. So I thought of this method.

But why some of you are not able to accept it?? What is so difficult to understand that if title is 'spin off' that means it's a side chapter. You guys can any day skip the chapter if you want to. But I wouldn't stop writing such spin off chapters because of the above two reasons and because its my book.

P.s.- Baby see
         hoon main South Delhi ki
        vegan wali diet
        almond wala ghee
        mera mann jo karega na main wahi karoongi
        aisi choti moti gadi me main nahi bethungi


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Author's pov-

Ayansh and Siya fell into perfect schedules after their moving in which was waking up by 8; working out for an hour for Ayansh and 40 minute yoga session for Siya; after freshening up and bathing, having breakfast together. After their breakfast Ayansh would drop Siya at the hospital for her shift and then leave for his office. Siya would come home by 5 pm whereas Ayansh wouldn't be back before 7:30.

After that month of living together Ayansh was 100% clear that he wanted to marry Siya and somewhere he knew even Siya wanted the same. But he knew Siya wouldn't admit it. Something was stopping her. Maybe she was waiting for him to propose to her like a fairy tale. Recalling his conversation with Siya, he decided that it was time that he now proposes to Siya. It was time that he asked her to be his forever now. Therefore, Ayansh spent the past 15 days planning her dream proposal.

The proposal would be a whole nother level of preparation and planning. Why?

Because Ayansh has finalised to get it videographed. Since Siya was born on 7 July, he finds this number to be lucky for him. Therefore, he planned a 'destination proposal' including 7 countries of Europe. 4 days and 1 reason with each country for why she should say yes to marry him. In total Ayansh was taking off from his company for 30 days. Poor Vihaan and Vidhaan would be taking over his work for the time being. Everybody in the Singhania and Gupta family knew this except Siya. How? Well, Singhania's got to know naturally when he announced his absence for a month straight and Gupta's got to know when he reached their home to take permission from Siya's father, mother, elder brother and her bhabhi to execute his plan. Of course Muskaan and Ridhaan were heard too. Little Ridhaan gave Ayansh, his best wishes with a lot of kisses here and there on his face.

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