Chapter 11 (B) :: 'tu sei il mio gelato'

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Author's pov-

As soon as Siya stands up again from the floor after wearing her shoes, she checks her pockets for her phone which was not there. "Ansh, please mera phone bhi le aaiye." He nodes and rushes towards his room to get changed into grey cargos and grey round neck sweatshirt. He enters Siya's room to fetch her phone. As he picked it up the screen glowed up, showing her wallpaper. The iphone 15 showed the picture which Abhir took on their trip to Jim Corbett. The same photo which Abhir took when Ayansh pulled Siya towards himself, to tease them both later. Siya asked Abhir to send her that photo but couldn't manage without getting teased. She set the picture as her wallpaper as soon as she received it. The picture was such that it screamed sensuality in every angle. Siya's stopped breathe and her chest heaved up with Ayansh holding her close with one hand around her waist and the other holding her wrist behind her back. Ayansh's nose touched her forehead and her eyes closed with her lower lip between her teeth. This was enough for Ayansh to blush profoundly like a teenager.

He quickly shoves the phone in his pocket and descends the stairs to stand in front of Siya who was patiently waiting for him.

Ayansh dips his hand in his pocket and pulls out the phone to show it to her. Siya forwards her hand for him to place the phone on her palm. As soon as Siya turns around to open the door Ayansh tightens his hold on the phone which makes Siya turn towards him again with a confused expression. "What?" Siya raises her eyebrow. "We can get a full photoshoot done if that means you want a wallpaper jaan." In a second Siya's face, which held confusion, now turned into a deep red tomato. She quickly snatched her phone before turning around and yelling, "I don't know what you are talking about!" And she ran outside the door leaving a chuckling Ayansh behind.

Siya's pov-

In the car-

I buckle my seat belt securely around myself and then look at Ansh to find him leaning on the steering wheel with his arms folded and his head on them and watching me. I could feel my cheeks warming up by just his glance. "Ansh, can you stop now please!" I almost begged him, turning around to hide my 'tomato of a face'. I hear him leaving a sigh with a 'haayeeeee' as if he is melting like an ice cream.

If Ansh was ever to be an ice cream flavour, which one would he be? Of course he would be vanilla, for he is as warm, sophisticated and tempting as vanilla. But he is also flirty, silly and amusing as cherry and as fresh and intoxicating as mint. Apart from all these flavours, I want to discover his dark, sexy and seductive side – the chocolate-y one.

Biting my lips to hold back my silly grin and imagination, I turned towards him to notice him changing the gear with his left hand and the right one still on the wheel.

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