Chapter 10 :: Live in?

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Author's pov-

After a wonderful day at the waterfalls they all ended the afternoon with apple picking by the Mukteshwar farms. Filling their camera, phones and hearts with beautiful memories which they swore to never forget, everyone boarded the private bus which would take them back to Delhi. The journey started with Muskaan and Abeer showing everyone the pictures they clicked. All of them were giggling, laughing and enjoying themselves while looking at the photos when Aadhya suggested they sing some songs through the journey. The karaoke started with O o jaane jana, followed by ankhen khuli and so on. After hours of singing, finally they all wanted to rest and decided to enjoy the view outside or take a nap.

The next day (End of september)-

The next day Siya and Ayansh got back to Delhi, they heard from their parents, "We all sat together and talked about both of you wanting to give chance to each other. We are happy that you guys are maturely handling this and we don't mind the trial period. But bache [[child]], we need you guys to tell us kitna time [[for how long]]?" When the elders saw the two of them perplexed about the situation, they continued, "According to the priest, the auspicious date of marriage is January,18 or we'll have to wait till December 2024. So, we want you both to get engaged by November end so we can make the wedding preparations. But that would only be possible if you both want to get married."

Siya's pov-

I have known Ansh since childhood, he is reserved, speaks less, is focused on his business and loves his work life. I know him enough that now I only want to know about how he loves. Thinking about it, I looked at Ansh, to find him already looking at me with doubt. I gathered some courage and spoke, "a month." All the eyes turned towards me, expecting me to continue further. "Baba, maa, uncle, aunty, give us a month. A month of living together and making sure if we can handle each other the rest of our lives." Ansh was shocked to hear such a bold declaration from me. I was relieved to find agreement in his expressions though he had his doubts. My trance broke when I heard a sigh from the elderly. "We have no problem with that. You both can stay at Ayansh's penthouse for a month. We will start with engagement preparations anyways, because we know, you both aren't letting each other go." Raj uncle teased and my previously confident self couldn't help but blush. Where is the courage now!!! RIP

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