Chapter 5 :: The Trip Begins

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Ayansh's pov-

Here we are, in front of the mini bus we rented for the one side trip to reach there. . The driver is loading the suitcases into the bus.

"Bhai, yeh pakdna zara." [["Bhai, hold this."]]  Aadhya says handing me her phone. Her phone's front camera was on and she was touching up her lip gloss. I hear someone chuckle at this. It was Siya. I glare at her. "Aren't you enjoying it a lot!" I whisper to her. She scrunches her nose and holds her left ear mouthing a sorry.

So the good part is, me and Siya are going to Nainital. Yayyyy.

But the wOrst part is, it is a sibling's trip.

Once Aadhya was done, I turned to Siya and squint my eyes while I fold my arms near my chest. So this was the reason she told me to book a minibus?

"Bura mat maniye na. Woh actually, Muskaan ko laga ki woh akeli bore ho jayegi aur hum dono ke beech me kabab me haddi ki tarha dikhegi, to usne Aadhya ko bula liya, Aadhya aur Abeer alag kaise ho skate hai, to ab Abeer bhi chal raha hai. Abeer ne galti se Vidhaan ke samne yeh trip ke bare me zikr kar diya to Vidhaan bhi saath chal raha hai. Aur Muskaan ko laga ki ghar pe humari vakalat karne ke liye koi to hona chahiye to usne Meera bhabhi ko sab bata diya, jo ki sab Ridhaan ne sun liya and jake Shaurya bhaiya ko bata diya, to ab woh bhi saath chal rahe hai, aur jab bhabhi aur bhaiya chal rahe hai to maine socha Ridhaan ko bhi le chalte hai." She finishes in one breath.

I was just too stunned by her. This was supposed to be 'our' trip, this was supposed to be 'our' alone time. When I don't speak, she assumes that I am mad at her.

[["Don't feel bad. Actually, Muskaan felt that she would be bored alone and would feel like a third- wheel between the two of us, so she called Aadhya. How can Aadhya and Abeer be separated, so now Abeer is also joining. When Abeer accidentally mentions about this trip in front of Vidhaan, Vidhaan is also going along with him. And Muskaan felt that there should be someone to advocate for us at home, so she told everything to Meera bhabhi, all of which was heard by Ridhaan and he told Shaurya Bhaiya everything. So now he is also coming along, and when sister-in-law and brother are coming, I thought let's take Ridhan too."]]

"Ab aap gussa mat kijiye na Ansh." She calls me with an extra layer of sweetness. Ansh. She called me for the first time and that too with a nickname. Hayeee. Hey mahadev!!

[["Don't be mad now, Ansh."]]

Siya's pov-

"Ab aap gussa mat kijiye na Ansh." Shit, what did I just call him? Shit, shit, shit. But wait, is he melting? Omg yes he is. I hold his hand and show him my extra convincing puppy eyes.

"Fine, I can't tell them to go back anyways." He smiles.

"Siya, Muskaan, aajao ab." Shaurya bhai calls us.  [["come now"]]

"Let's go." I sequel out. 

I climb the bus after Muskaan followed by Ayansh. Shaurya bhai and Meera bhabhi were sitting together while Muskaan and Aadhya were in the back seat. Vidhaan was sitting alone and Abeer too. Did I forget to mention that Vihaan and his wife Riddhi also joined us when he heard all the juniors are going together, and of course it was Abeer who told him. They both occupied the only seat left.

"Buaa, main apke saath bethonga." Ridhaan cooed while holding my hand. I just nodded my head with a smile.  [["I want to sit with you buaa (father's sister)."]]

Author's pov-

"Abeer, chal uth wahan se. Jake Vidhaan ke saath beth." Ayansh spoke from behind Siya.  [["Abeer, get up and go sit with Vidhaan."]]

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