Chapter 11 (A) :: Live in!

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Siya's pov-

Ansh circles the car and opens the car gate for me as I step out of it. I look at the construction in front of me. We just reached his penthouse.

Ansh fetches the last suitcase of mine from the car trunk which I brought with me

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Ansh fetches the last suitcase of mine from the car trunk which I brought with me. As soon as we enter the penthouse, he tells me that our room is upstairs on the left. Before he could tell me anything else, I interrupt him, "Our room? What do you mean our room?" He looks at me confused and in a second his expression changes as if he knows what's coming next. "We will sleep in separate rooms Ansh."

"And I deny this term of yours." He curtly says.

"Ansh-" I call out for him but when he doesn't look at me, I turn him towards me by holding his arm, "I am hungry, let's eat something and then we will talk about it." I tell him while wrapping my arms around his torso and resting my chin on his chest.

We both ordered some fulfilling food as it was already lunch time. Since he mostly lives at his mansion, the penthouse lacked groceries. We planned on getting them tomorrow together. After we were done, I sat on the couch in the living room and patted my right side to tell him to come and sit with me. He sat with his back resting on the backrest and I climbed his lap with my back touching the arm rest. "Ansh, don't you think we are moving too fast? To kya hua agar hum ek dusre ko bachpan se jante hai. Hum dono ki duniya bohot alag hai Ansh. Aap ek company ke mailk hai, par main ek hospital me kaam karti hoon. However cool the 'rich ceo trope' may sound in books and movies but for me, I always saw dreams as a middle class girl. My aspirations are very different from yours. For me it's a dream to buy a house with my own hard work but for you, it's just another cheque signing. Main yeh nahi bol rahi hoon ki is wajah se hum dono ek saath khush nahi reh sakte. But Ansh mujhe apki zindagi me aur apko meri duniya me adjust hone me abhi waqt lagega. I do not want to lose my individuality in this relationship Ansh. Mujhe apki kamiyabi se dikkat nahi hai balki mujhe naaz hai aap par, mujhe pet me butterflies tab bhi ayengi jab bhi koi mujhe apki girlfriend ya apki patni keh kar bulayega but main chahti hoon ki apko bhi log Siya ke boyfriend ya Mr. Siya Gupta ke naam se jane." I take a breath in and wait for him to say something.

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