Chapter 9 :: Some Untold Secrets

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Author's pov-

When everyone was descending towards their rooms, Ayansh pulled Siya to the back side of the villa. Ayansh sits down on the carpet laid on the wooden floor of the veranda. He pats on his thighs telling her to sit on his lap.

"Kya kar rahe hai aap Ansh?" 

[["What are you trying to do Ansh?"]]

"Come here jaan."

Biting her lower lip she runs away towards her room telling him to wait. "Ek [[one]] minute Ansh, I will be back."

Ayansh sighs and brings his knees towards his chest, locking his arms around his knees and looks at the sky waiting for her.

She returns and drapes the warm, fluffy blanket around his shoulders. Siya settles herself down between his legs and rests her back on his chest before covering them both with the blanket. Ayansh pulls her even closer to himself in a position that now her right side touches his chest and her knees close to her. She keeps her face on his chest and nuzzles into him for his warmth. After a few minutes of comfortable peace Ayansh breaks the silence.

Ayansh's pov-

"Are you seriously ready to marry me Siya?" He asks her gently. "Why do you think I am not, Ansh?" She questions back after tilting her head towards him, to look into his eyes.

"Because I still don't believe it. I still don't believe that 'I', Ayansh Singhania, am planning a future with someone." I watched her chuckle as I finished telling her the reason.

She takes in air and releases a sigh before replying, "Ansh, do you remember when you used to accompany Vihaan to my house, when we were little?" She takes a pause and then continues.


(When Siya was 9 years old

Shaurya was 11 years old

Muskaan was 5 years old

Ayansh was 11 years old

Vihaan was 10 years old

Vidhaan was 7 years old

Aadhya and Abeer were 5 years old.)

Siya's pov-

"Siya, come out beta. Vihaan is here." Mumma called me as I ran towards the living room. It was Sunday today, which meant Singhania kids and Gupta siblings will spend the entire day together. Sunday's are the days I look forward to the most. Sometimes it's me, Shaurya bhaiya and Muskaan who visit Vihaan's place. But today, it was their turn. Aadhya, Abeer and Muskaan would completely disappear and play within themselves only, leaving me, Shaurya bhai, Ayansh bhai, Vihaan and Vidhaan together. Yes, I call Ayansh as bhai, because why not, he is the same age as Shaurya bhai. Vidhaan would generally show interest in whatever Ayansh bhai is doing, leaving me Vihaan and Shaurya bhai. Shaurya bhai would be busy monitoring everyone. Me and Vihaan are the only ones left to give each other company most of the time. We would colour our colouring books, or play ludo, or even carrom sometimes. "Siyu, I don't want to do anything today." Vihaan said being lazy and lying down on the carpeted floor. "What do we do then?" I asked him because I was getting bored. "I don't know, I want to sleep for some time." Is he for real!!!!!

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