Chapter 2 :: Change in Plans

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Ayansh's pov-

"Yes Mr. Malhotra, so this is the final proposition we make and the terms are non-negotiable." Dealing with Malhotras has been quite some work for me. They send negotiations every time we send them the contract. Getting frustrated because of this I asked my secretary to plan a meeting face to face to finally end the war of 'yes' and 'no'. They were about to say something when dad barged into the room.

"I am sorry gentlemen but Ayansh we need to go home right now." He said. He never interrupted meetings like this before. I immediately knew it was important.

"Mr. Malhotra as I already clarified the terms will not be changed further, I would really appreciate it if you could ping my secretary about if this deal has a future or not. Now please excuse me." I tell them, getting up and hastily leaving the room behind my father.

The car ride was when dad explained how Vihaan had married someone and mom needed us to be at home.

Entering the living room we saw Vihaan and a girl beside him wearing varmalas [flower garlands] around their necks and holding each other's hands.

"What is all this Vihaan dear?" Dad questions him.

"Bade papa, [father's big brother] meet Riddhi. She is the woman I love and now my wife."

Everyone present in the hall kept quiet. Chachu [father's younger brother] was shaking with anger and we all could sense it. He was about to spit fire when chachi [father's younger brother's wife] interrupted "Vihaan did we ever force you to get married to Siya? To beta aise kyun kiya tune? Hume Riddhi se koi pareshani nahi hai par aise shadi-?" She said looking at chachu. It was basically a 'don't speak anything in anger' stare.

[["How could you do this then? We weren't against you and Riddhi but this is unacceptable."]]

"Maa, papa please meri baat suniye. Aap log chahte the na ki main shadi kar loon, settle ho jaon? Lo karli maine shadi aur woh bhi us ladki se jisse main pyaar karta hoon." Vihaan says

[["Mom, dad I will explain everything. You guys wanted me to get married so I did. That too with someone I truly love."]]

Chachu looks at dad with dull eyes. "Ab kya kahoon Nikhil se main bhaiya? Uska phone aaya tha, Siya ne haan kardi hai. Kya batao usse? Kaise bolun usko ki Vihaan ne kissi aur se shadi kar li hai?" He almost breaks down. "Usse mein baat karoonga Virat, aur usse sab sach sach bata dunga. Ek kaam karte hai, kal Nikhil ke ghar chalte hai." Dad proposes.

[["What do I tell Nikhil now? He called me to inform me that Siya is ready to marry Vihaan. How do I tell him that Vihaan married someone else." He almost breaks down. "I will talk to Nikhil, we need to tell him the truth. Let's just go to his place tomorrow and talk."]]

When dad and chachu were about to leave, dad suddenly looked at me and smiled a little. He stands in front of me and says "Ayansh, tujhe Siya kaisi lagti hai?"

"Siya? Aap kyun pooch rahe hai papa?" I ask back suspiciously.

"Ayansh before reacting, pehle meri poori baat sun... Siya se shadi karle Ayansh. Mujhe Siya bohot pasand hai, aur tune mujhe khud bola tha ki teri life me abhi koi nahi hai, to usse ek baar mauka de ke dekh." Dad offers.

[["Ayansh, how do you feel about Siya?"

"Siya? What do you mean dad?"

"Ayansh, listen to me carefully... Marry Siya. I love her as my own daughter and you told me you don't have anyone particularly in your mind and heart. Give her a chance to be that someone for you then."]]

What the fu- did he say!!!! Marriage!!!!! With Siya??????????

Has he gone mad?????? I am not marrying anyone. I am fine by myself.

I was about to oppose, when he cut me off "Chup ek dum. Bina soche samjhe nahi sunni mujhe teri na. Tere pass kal tak ka waqt hai aram se soch le. Mujhe, Rachna ko, Virat aur Vidhi ko bohot khushi hogi agar tu ab apni family shuru karne ke bare me sochega to" Dad says and leaves towards his room.

[["Be quiet. I dont want to hear your impulsive no. You have time till tomorrow, think about it. Me and your mom, even your chacha-chachi  would love it if you decide to settle down and start your own family."]]

At night-

Laying on my bed, I keep rewinding what happened today. Even Vihaan came to my room to tell me how perfect wife Siya would be to me.

"Ayansh, sach bolun to main bohot guilty hoon jo maine Siya ke saath kiya kyunki woh ek bohot achi ladki hai. Ek baar usko mauka deke dekhle, she wouldn't disappoint you." was what that bastard said.

[["Ayansh, to be truthful, I do feel guilty for what I did to Siya, because she doesn't deserve this. She is a person of a gem. Just give it a shot, I know she wouldn't disappoint you."]]

"Aur ab to waise bhi 'apke chote' bhai ki shadi ho chuki hai Mr. Singhania, duniya kya kahegi? Ki dekho dekho, bada bhai kuwara hote hue bhi chote ne shadi karli!" I couldn't miss the teasing voice he used followed by his giggling.

[["And think about what will people say? Because now 'your younger' brother is a married man Mr. Singhania. They will say that even after the older brother being a bachelor, the younger got married first!"]]

What should I do???? This shit is driving me crazy.


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