Chapter 9.

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"Can't your girlfriend tutor you instead?" Diane Kim suggested as she turned around to face me. We were sitting inside the classroom while waiting for our next period's teacher to walk in. Diane's silky light hair was pulled to one side and pinned behind one ear on the other, she told me that my 'nonexistent' girlfriend would do a better job of helping me with a school subject. I didn't want anyone else to tutor me besides Diane Kim, and especially not my fake girlfriend.

I shook my head at her suggestion before adding, "If you refused to help me, then I'm doomed and would fail this semester for sure." Maybe I had exaggerated a little bit there, but I was trying my best to get her to come over today. It's been two weeks since she'd came over to my house, and I still didn't know how she found out where I lived, but couldn't care less since it didn't bother me at all. After seeing her dance with Baekhyun that day, and noticing just how affected she seemed by my touch, I decided to gather up my courage after two weeks of overthinking, and finally tell Diane Kim how I really felt about her. I was finally going to tell her that I didn't have a girlfriend and that Kim Nara meant nothing to me. I didn't fear rejection anymore, because something kept telling me that Diane Kim might just be feeling the same way about me. 

She sighed. "Uh, okay drama king. At what time should I be there?" She asked with a hint of boredom in her voice, unlike her dark eyes which looked curious, eager for something, but I'll never know what. Diane Kim was the most secretive person I ever came across."Hm, 7:30 okay?" I asked, and she nodded while flashing me a quick smile just as our teacher walked in.

Diane Kim, today I will make you mine.


"You're here." I said once I opened the door to my house and saw her standing on the other side of it. She looked breathtakingly beautiful today. Not that she looked less beautiful before, but tonight, she looked especially beautiful. She had a floral skirt on that showed off long lean legs, a white top that hugged her lean waist and framed her beautiful upper body, her hair was braided in a side braid with her bangs swept to the side. Her lips just the perfect shade of pink, and her eyes as dark as the night had become outside."I am." She answered with smile as I ushered her inside my house and closed the door behind her. Tonight, we were all alone, my mother won't return from her 2-days work trip until late tomorrow, so we had the entire house to ourselves. "Aren't we going to study in your room?" She asked when I stepped inside the living room and stood in front of the old stereo. I kept working on it for the past two weeks until I finally fixed it, it worked great now.

"We will, soon, but now..." My hand was trembling as I reached for hers, it was as cold as ice, so I blew hot air into it then rubbed it with both of my own. She watched me with a gentle look in her eyes, and I lifted her hands up to my lips, planting soft kisses inside of each palm, the butterflies in my stomach were fluttering as fast as my heart was beating in my chest. I let go of her hands to turn on a ballad song, and when I turned back around to face her, she was fidgeting with something between her hands, but I didn't pay much attention to it as I grabbed her towards me by her waist. Only to be pushed back by her.

"What are you doing?" Her voice cracked, and she placed both of her hands flat on my chest, stopping me from getting closer, but the look in her eyes said otherwise. I ignored her fake protest and grabbed her hands to wrap them around my neck, but she pushed me back again, then dropped her hands to her sides."Kai..." she began. Why was she fighting my touch?

Diane Kim, what are you doing to me?

"Can't we just dance to this one song?" I said, but it came out more like a plead, and I watched as her expressions softened within seconds, I didn't reach for her this time, because she willingly took a step closer to me, and trailed both of her delicate hands up my body until she wrapped them around my neck in a loose embrace. I raised both eyebrows at her, asking for permission to pull her closer to me, and she laughed softly while nodding. At that, I placed both hands on her lean waist and pulled her so close to me that I was afraid she'd hear the sound of my heart beating insanely inside me. I could feel her softest parts pressed firmly against my hard ones. Diane Kim was standing so close to me and as usual, managed to take my breath away.

When I remembered how to breathe again, I found her looking up at me through her long, seductive lashes. While the song was played in the back, we started swaying from side to side, Diane Kim stayed so close, and didn't want to pull away from me anymore. I couldn't recognize my strong selfishness as I wasn't planning on letting go of her any time soon, but, haven't I always been so selfish when it came to Diane Kim? When the song came to an end, we still danced, her eyes closed while her forehead rested against my own. She was so beautiful. A piece of art, really, that I was so afraid to ruin in someway even if I didn't intend to. I will never break Diane Kim's heart.

When she finally opened her eyes and peered up at me, both of us started breathing heavily, my gaze shifted from her eyes, to her nose, and settled on her slightly parted lips. I leaned in, and could smell her fruity breath in the way, my lips made a slight contact with hers, and I placed the gentlest kiss over them before slightly pulling back to gauge her reaction, she had her eyes closed, and when she opened them, she stared into my eyes then whispered, "you came all this way, but you're backing up now?" I kissed her, god, did I kiss her. All hell broke loose. My hands tried pulling her closer to me until we became one, her hand roamed through my hair as I kissed her with everything I've got, a strong, deep kiss that made realize just how miserable I must have been without her kisses, it all made sense when Diane Kim was kissing me.

Diane Kim, you'll forever be mine.

My knees started going weak, I had never experienced such a thing before, I never thought that Diane Kim would ever make me feel this way, but I should've known better from the strong pounding of my heart the moment I laid my eyes on her in Mrs. Park's office. "Be mine," I spoke through kisses as I moved down to her neck, and heard her moaning softly, Diane Kim made the most beautiful symphonies.

"Then make me." 

 She whispered.

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