Chapter 4.

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She was talking to the girl next to her during class, and when the teacher turn around, she'd act as if she were paying attention the entire time, I'd laughed when she did that, she could act good, she was the most real girl to ever walk on this earth.

Diane Kim, one day I'll make you mine.

"Don't forget to do your homework over the weekend. Class is dismissed." The teacher as she let us out. I yanked my backpack from my chair and ran for the door, I had to follow Diane, I'd always want to follow Diane. When I was standing in the middle of the hallway with no sign of her, someone came up from behind and covered my eyes with their hands...I frowned.

They didn't smell like Diane Kim's.

But then again, how would I know how Diane Kim's hands smelled like?

"Nara." I snapped. She'd always followed me around, why would she want to follow me around? I showed no interest in her, she always bought me delicious food to eat, nice t-shirts to wear, but never once have I felt something for her. Never once have I felt so much for anyone as much as I felt for Diane Kim. When I turned around to face her, my insides clenched.

Diane Kim was watching us from afar.

Nara was about to talk when I brushed right past her and jogged over to where Diane was standing at the end of the hallway, her hair covered half of her face as it fell around her shoulders in soft waves, I couldn't see Diane Kim's full face when she turned around and disappeared from my view. 

I couldn't see what Diane Kim had felt when she hid her face and disappeared from my view.


"Why don't you just date Nara? She's...I'm sure she's sweet." My best friend Baekhyun suggested while we were playing my favorite video game, I ignored him, and focused solely on beating him, I was about to do so when a knock was placed on my front door. "Mom, the door!" I yelled, but then remembered that my mom wasn't even home. "Hold on." I groaned as I paused the game to get the door, Baekhyun tagged along. I placed my hand over the door knob, twisting it open, my jaw almost hitting the ground when my eyes fell upon the person standing on the other side of it. "Wow," I heard Baekhyun mumble from behind me, and elbowed him to shut him up. I didn't want to be embarrassed again. She was standing right there, on my front porch, wearing a pretty white dress that stopped just above her knees. Her hair was tied in the same way it was when I first saw her; when she had invaded my life without permission. Her neckline looked tempting for me to place kisses all over it, it had a beautiful shiny pendent locked around it. I was too startled to notice her shivering due to the cold weather outside, she had no jacket on her, and when I was finally about to get the words out of my mouth and usher her in, I was grabbed away from the door, snatched back was more like it. I looked at Baekhyun's fist curled around the hem of my shirt as he stepped up and invited her in.

"Excuse my best friend's idiocy, his girlfriend is driving him a good way." He said once she was inside my house. Diane Kim was inside my house.

I elbowed Baekhyun again, in his stomach this time, and he slightly growled.

"Saw them the other day." She finally spoke, her slightly red skin returning to its normal fairness.

Diane Kim, will I ever be able to make you mine?

"Well, let's not give a shit about them, I'm Byun Baekhyun." He stretched a hand out, but she only eyed it for a moment before doing something that complete me caught me off guard. She snaked an arm around him and brought her soft parts against his chest in an embrace. "Diane Kim." She whispered in his ear, then placed a soft kiss to his cheek before pulling away.

Diane Kim, you'll be the death of me.

Baekhyun's shocked, yet beyond happy expressions were evident on his face, he couldn't hide how thrilled he was, I bet he felt the same way I felt when I first met Diane. Was it possible that every guy would feel the same way I do whenever I see Diane Kim?

Something started burning in my chest, something unfamiliar yet so recognizable. Jealousy. Jealousy was taking over me. I didn't want anyone to feel the same way I feel for Diane Kim, I didn't want anyone to glance in Diane Kim's way, but that was impossible. She was too beautiful not to be stared at, and much tougher yet somehow gentler than most the girls in my school. I wanted to be Diane Kim's one and only. "What brings you here?" I asked, but she ignored my question by stretching her hand out for me to shake. She gave Baekhyun a hug, but decided to shake hands with me.

Diane Kim, were you playing me?

I stared at her for a long moment, studying her beautiful face once more, her cheeks turned red under my stare, it was a first for Diane Kim. Diane Kim never felt shy under anyone's gaze, she was a tough one –a troublemaker, that wasn't easily swooned by guys, but her cheeks turned red because of me.

I reached for her hand, and squeezed it gently, her face flushed even more before she pulled her hand out of my grasp and joined it with her other one behind her back, then cleared her throat, "so, this is your house...and that is friend I assume..." She trailed off, and started walking around my living room, exploring it, looking at baby pictures of me while doing so. Baekhyun kept watching Diane as well, but one question still bothered me; How did Diane Kim know where I lived? "If by best friend you mean me, then I'm guilty as charged." Baekhyun said, making Diane Kim laugh, my favorite sound in the world, but jealousy made its way inside me again, I wanted to be the one to make Diane Kim laugh.

She walked over to our old stereo, and ran her finger along the worn out fabric that covered it, "play me something." She said with her back still to us, and Baekhyun and I exchanged looks. I wanted to walk over to her, her fair skin looking so seductive under that white dress, I wanted to kiss her, ever since the moment I laid my eyes on her, I felt the need to kiss her, every inch of her. Who knew someone could feel so much at just 16 years old? Diane Kim had me feeling so much that I was about to combust.

Diane Kim, you will be the death of me.

"You take care of Nara, while I handle this one," Baekhyun whispered from beside me, and for the first time, I wanted to punch my best friend. I wanted to punch him so hard that his teeth would fall off and he wouldn't be able to speak about her like that again. 

My fists wouldn't obey me, my legs disobeyed me. Baekhyun walked over to Diane Kim, leaning in slightly to ask  her to dance with him, she protested saying that there was no music playing, he laughed while telling her that they can always imagine a song being played. Baekhyun whispered something in her ear and she laughed softly before placing one of her small hands in his, and the other one on top of his shoulder. 

They started swaying from side to side, perfectly in sync.

Baekhyun was dancing with Diane Kim, and I couldn't do anything about it, besides feeling heat rising up my chest, suffocating me, and burning me like a piece of an overused fabric.

Diane Kim, I'm starting to fear my own feelings.

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