Chapter 2.

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"What are you here for again, Kai?" the vice principal, Mrs. Park asked me as I sat down on one of the chairs outside the principal's office. She flashed an apologetic smile in my direction when I curled my fists as a way of telling her that I had gotten into a fight with a sophomore. Again."You're acting way too big for your age, my boy." She said with a shake of her head, not approving what I'd done, I didn't understand what she meant, because I was old enough to step up to whoever that bothers me, and that's what that sophomore kid had done."But I gotta give it to you, there's not a single scratch on your handsome face." She said, acknowledging my efforts, but still highly disapproving of the way I decided to handle things as she added, "this better be your last trip to the principal's office, my boy." I was reminded why I had always respected and loved this woman, she understood me better than any other adult inside this shit hole called school.

"Excuse me, I'm the new transfer student, Diane Kim, is that the principal's office?" the girl who asked pointed a delicate finger at the principal's door, she was wearing our high school uniform, her voice softer than rose petals, and her almost blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail to reveal a tempting neckline and sculpted cheekbones, the corners of her pink lips lifted up to form a breathtaking smile that lit up her beautiful face as she asked Mrs. Park if it was possible for her to meet the principal right away, she told her she'd have to wait for half an hour, but the beautiful stranger wouldn't wait. I watched carefully the way her ponytail swung from side to side when she shook her head to something Mrs. Park had asked her, I grew speechless. Numb. Her eyes were the darkest brown when she finally noticed my existence and looked at me, and man, wasn't I glad when she nodded in my direction, acknowledging me, and I quickly stood up to my feet, not wasting any time to make my way over to her, but I couldn't get to her, my feet wouldn't obey me. She turned to leave, I almost screamed after her. Go, go, go! I internally yelled at my legs, they still refused to obey their owner.

"Diane Kim." I spoke her name softly, and Mrs. Park lifted her head up to glance at me, a knowing smile forming on her face. "She could use a tour around our school, don't you think?" she said, and my heart clenched at that possibility. I immediately knew what she was trying to do."What about principal Ji?" I asked, and she waved a hand in the air before pushing her eyeglasses up her nose bridge. "Leave him to me, now go." As soon as the words left her mouth, I rushed for the doors, my legs happily obeying me this time. Diane Kim, I had to find her.

I found her.

"Hello." I greeted her once I stopped beside her in front of her locker. "Yes?" she replied. I blinked twice. She didn't return my hello."Mrs. Park told me to give you a tour around our school." I said too quickly before realizing that I hadn't even told her what my name was. She turned away from her locker after placing all of her stuff inside, then slammed it shut before fixing her dark, enchanting eyes on me. She said something, but I wouldn't know what since my focus was solely on her pink lips, and the thought of how soft they'd feel against mine, then, my eyes traveled subconsciously upon every feature on her heart shaped face, her button nose, her high cheekbones, and finally, they settled on long, and lovely curled eyelashes that batted over a beautiful set of the darkest browns possible.

"Ah, it's not polite to ignore someone while they're speaking, you know." She said, and I gave my head a light shake. You're the one to talk, Diane Kim."I'm so sorry, I was just-"

"Thinking about kissing me?" my heart started beating faster.

Diane Kim, would you ever become mine?

I cleared my throat, embarrassed for getting caught by her. "What? no, no, I-uh, have a girlfriend." I lied, but she laughed, and it quickly became my favorite sound. "You have a girlfriend," she repeated while her eyes searched mine curiously.

Diane Kim, would I ever become yours?

"Okay then, my name is Diane Kim, and you are?" She asked, and I almost got distracted again by how soft her voice was, I knew she was a tough girl the second she ignored my greeting, how could a human being be this conflicted yet so damn beautiful?

Diane Kim, would I ever get to know you?

"I'm Kai."

"No last name?"

"Does it matter?"

The corner of her pink lips lifted up at my reply, and her dark eyes smiled at me.

"What year are you in?" I asked, that was one of the things I still didn't know about Diane Kim.

"Freshman. You?"

"The same."

She smiled a small smile that warmed up my insides. "You said something about a tour, no?" she said, then tapped a finger against her chin. "Does that tour include us skipping for the rest of the day?" she added.

How could she understand me so perfectly?

"Are you a troublemaker?" I asked, already knowing the answer, but wanted to hear it coming out from her lush lips."Occasionally." it was a lie, the term had identified her. I knew it ever since she stepped inside Mrs. Park's office, it's not easy to get me excited over a girl, yet she excited me in so many ways that I could never understand, and all it took was one glance. For the first time, I understood what it meant to have something amazing come out of an ugly situation. Diane Kim was the spark to my dullness.

When I stayed quiet, she added. "Are we taking that tour or not?" her smile widened, and I took in a sharp breath.

Diane Kim, how could you affect me so much?

"Let's go." I said, then led the way only to be stopped by her. "What?" I asked, my hands tucked inside the pockets of my uniform, I wouldn't dare to keep them out around her. I couldn't trust them, I couldn't trust myself with Diane Kim."Have you heard of the policy, ladies first?" she said with an amused look, and I grinned, she grinned as well, then pinched the hem of my sleeve and looked up at me through long eyelashes. "Follow me." She started pulling me behind her, I followed willingly, watching Diane Kim's ponytail moving from side to side.

Diane Kim, I always want to follow you.

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