Chapter 11.

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"Don't tell me to fucking chill you stupid asshole," Kai hissed through clenched teeth, his voice angry but controlled, and god knew how hard it was for me not to beat the living shit out of him right there. "she's still in recovery," he said, but I've heard that same line for more than 3 years. Recovery, does he even know what it means? I took long deep breaths and thought things through once more in my head, the girl who was lying on the hospital bed just a few feet away from us, wasn't someone I could easily brush off or forget about, and Kai should be the one to know that. Everything was his fucking fault, and he knew it. "Baek," his voice was strained as he rubbed a hand over his face then reached for the pocket of his jeans, tapping them, "shit," he murmured, and the second I laid my eyes on the cigarettes pack he was trying to retrieve from his front pocket, I jumped at him and snatched it away. "Are you fucking insane? we're in a hospital!" I was the one who was the most upset here, and Kai better know not to push my buttons. "Shit, yeah" his voice sounded distant as he shoved the pack back into his pocket, then turned to face Dahi, who was still unconscious from her seizure earlier. 

"How many times does it happen?" I asked as I looked at her sleeping peacefully."Once every other week, she only has them when something triggers her memory, but luckily, she doesn't remember why or what happened before she passes out, so her dad had always told her that it was because of her anemia, and she seemed to believe him just fine." he said, and I nodded along. "Were you there every time?" my question hung in the air for a few moments as he thought about it, he definitely knew my real motive behind asking such a question, I could feel his eyes burn into my profile as he finally answered, "pretty much." He said. "And never once has she remembered you being there?" Please say no..."Nope." A sigh of relief escaped me, but he didn't seem to notice it. "How long does she stay unconscious for?" I asked again, he seemed fine answering my questions. Well, he should be. I mean, he did tell me about the seizures and also had kept me updated whenever I asked how she was since the accident 4 years ago, especially that he was the only one out of us who she could talk to every day without having their conversations trigger her memory. I was told to stay away from her, that maybe I'd be the one to trigger her memory which would be no good for anyone, so I kept my distance, until I saw her that day standing on that cliff, and damn me if I were to stay away again.

"Not too long, sometimes it takes her half an hour to wake up, sometimes a whole hour. It depends." He said. "Depends on what?" I encountered. He sighed again and I turned to meet his gaze."What she dreams about while being unconscious."


"Hey," I said softly as I noticed her fluttering her eyes open, she looked so delicate at that moment that it broke my heart into pieces. It fucking hurt. Looking at her as if I knew nothing about what happened that night, having to lie to her and pretend that everything was normal. It fucking hurt. "I didn't know you had anemia." I said casually, and she looked taken aback as I lied to her yet another lie. Obviously, I wasn't going to tell her that she had another seizure, since she, herself, doesn't even know that she has them regularly. Could she probably be thinking that fainting like that was a side effect from the accident that night? which indeed was, or did she really just believe what her father had always told her like Kai said? "Well, you don't even know me, so." Oh baby, you could be so wrong at times. But I swallowed that thought."True, but it caused us our game." The only reason why I said that so confidently was because of the fact that she won't remember what happened right before her seizure, or what triggered her for that matter, which practically saved both of our asses today, mine and Kai's. She looked at me, bewildered, before seeming to piece it all together in her head, and her eyes widened in realization."Oh right, the game! did we lose?" she asked, her dark eyes looked at me curiously with that familiar hint of sadness in them. So sad and beautiful. I nodded while adding, "yup, you couldn't handle the fact that you like me, and the next thing I knew, you said 'oh my gawd baek I can't breathe, I can't breathe!'" I mocked in a high-pitched tone, and she laughed. "I don't sound like that, I'm sure I don't."She protested, and I smirked. "well you do, and then bam! you fainted." I finished, like a pro liar. She actually looked apologetic and completely caught of guard at once. I really didn't wish to play with her result for that question, I mean, it was such an easy thing to do considering how many times I've been to that place before, but seeing her surprised face that moment had made it all worth it. But it was none of your fault, sad eyes. It was his.

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