Chapter 12.

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"You really shouldn't be hanging around here alone." I said as I spotted Diane Kim throwing pebbles in the river. I walked over to where she was and faced her profile, "remember me?" I asked, she turned to face me with a small smile. "Byun Baekhyun, was it?" she asked, and I nodded, glad to know that I wasn't someone she could forget about after only one meeting. "Dahi, right?" I knew who she was, I just wanted to see how she'd react. Her smile widened as she threw in another pebble, and my eyes followed it. "Diane Kim." I heard her say, and I made an act of smacking my forehead, "oh shit, right. Diane." The night breeze was cold, and I could notice Diane shivering beside me, so I shrugged off my jeans jacket and put it over her shoulders, and she whispered a thank you while adjusting it. "Dahi is actually my little sister's name." When she looked up to meet my eyes, there was something behind her dark ones, something so deep that I could feel myself being pulled towards, but I didn't dare to ask. Why would I? I wasn't even interested in her. 

"What brings you here?" her voice came out husky, unlike the usual soft one. I had met her at Kai's house a while ago, and I would've been blind not to notice how breathtakingly beautiful she was, but I didn't like the idea of getting involved with her, what if she turned out to be the needy kind? I can never deal with that. It's been a while since I dated someone, well, I didn't actually date , I just liked going out with different girls from time to time, life was too short to get tied down to one person at only 16 years old. Diane stopped throwing the pebbles, and hugged my jacket around her tightly, she was indeed cold, and I couldn't just stand there, so I swiftly wrapped my arms around her and brought her to my side, while rubbing her arms gently. "You still cold?" I asked, she hesitated for a moment before nodding. "Yes." She replied. I looked around to see if any of the shops around us was still opened, but none was, and it was well past midnight, with only me and Diane Kim staring at the dark cold river ahead of us. "How about we go some place else?" I offered, already deciding on which places to head to in my mind. I wasn't going to make a move on her here...but that doesn't mean that I won't later on. When she let out a soft chuckle, I looked at her, and once again, her dark eyes met mine, still looking as mysterious as before. "You're not trying to get into my pants or anything, are you?" she asked boldly, and frankly, I was taken aback. I've never had a girl say that to me before, yet here I was listening to Diane Kim exposing my schemes. I shook my head twice, "what, me? please, don't flatter yourself." I said, but actually disagreed with my own words. She seemed satisfied with my answer as she smiled a small smile, then tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, "sorry," she said sheepishly, her voice came out a little above a whisper, while her cheeks were the loveliest shade of pink. I coughed many times, perhaps to ease myself, then grabbed the hem of my jacket sleeve which she was still wearing, "let's go." I said, leading the way while Diane Kim followed behind.


"Black car, black outfit, black everything." I heard her say from the passenger seat beside me, and couldn't help but smile faintly at the road ahead of us. She probably was the first girl to notice my obsession with the color black, which made me smile even more. "Something amusing you?" she asked with a hint of smile to her voice, and I faced her for a moment to find her actually smiling. I coughed, "what? nope." I said instead. Uh, why was I acting so unusual?  we remained quiet for a minute until she finally broke the deafening silence, "have you ever been in love?" she asked out of the blue, causing me to avert my eyes from the road and look at her. What?  "why are you asking me that?" I asked, completely curious to know what made her ask me that. "Because you seem like the type of guy girls would fall hard for." Was that a compliment?  Well, I took it as one. "Thanks." "You thought it was a compliment?" she asked, and I nodded. "Wasn't it?" I found myself asking, how fucking embarrassing. "Nope." she said without any hesitation, and I felt my ego being wounded. "Did you say that because you're falling for me?" I asked, and it came out pretty much Baekhyun-like, sly and corny.

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