Chapter 5.

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"Since I couldn't make it to last week's outing. How does ice cream sound?!" Mia asked as we stopped at an ice cream shop. Mia was my bestfriend and the only person from my current life who knows about my mother and my sister, also of Kai being my arrogant step-brother. Mia had always been so cheerful whenever we went out, kind of why I loved spending time with her, she was so carefree and never once did she complain about her own life...Oh, excluding her list of crushes of course, which was endless. "Okay, we will get ice cream. Cutie at three o'clock is eyeing us." She said. Here we go again. I casually followed her gaze, and whatever hint of a smile I had on my face, had suddenly dropped.

No freaking way.

"Let's go." I grabbed her hand and started pulling her along, she stopped and started dragging me back towards her, she was much stronger than I was which gave her the full advantage. I was doomed. Her eyes shifted between me and the guy who was eyeing us from inside the shop. Did he recognize me or was simply just staring at Mia?

"What the hell girl? we're going in." She said firmly, and the next thing I knew, we were inside. Mia tried acting casually, glancing at the guy from time to time,  until we finally reached the cashier and the guy's gaze shifted from her, and to me. Hul.

 I turned to face the young man at the cashier just when Mia started ordering us two cones of ice cream. "I think the lady here is a vanilla person, you know, plain and boring." I was startled when I heard his voice, and the moment I turned around, I found his eyes already on me. This rude bastard. "Plain and boring? honey, I'm all about the rainbow." Mia replied, I wasn't going to laugh, but it was just too damn funny not to. Oh Mia, you have no idea.

When I recovered from my laughter, the stranger was looking at me with soft eyes while Mia's almost wanted to eat me alive for laughing at her."Oh I'm sure that you are." He said, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I noticed that Mia was actually blushing. I stared at her with a gaped mouth, and the guy's eyes moved back to mine, again. "I was talking about your friend here, Diane, was it?" he scratched his chin as he thought about the name once more, but still couldn't find the right one. Like I care.

"Let's go." I said to Mia who was looking at us with utter confusion, "You two know each other? and her name is Da-" I cut her off while shaking my head, the stranger kept nodding at her, urging her to correct it for him, but when she didn't, his face split into a wide smile. I glared at his profile. He was just messing with me. Mia looked between us for a moment, then shook her head in a -ya'll-are-crazy- way, and faced the cashier who had our ice creams ready. That had allowed the stranger to have a good long look at me.

How lovely...not.

I started feeling uncomfortable around him, as I should be."So how was last week's swim?" he asked me, I didn't reply because I obviously didn't want to have this conversation with him, or any conversation for that matter. "He was with you at the-" "Leaving now." I said after I paid for our ice creams and dragged Mia along. She ended up pulling me back. Again.

I was seeing red. "What's your name?" Mia asked, and his eyes finally moved away from me and to Mia. "They tend to call me Byun Baekhyun." He said with a wink, and I could swear that Mia was in the process of sending out a silent prayer to keep her strong and on her feet.

Oh. I was the only one who wasn't at all interested in knowing his name.

"Can we please leave-"

"So what are you good at?" Mia interrupted. Whao, what was with that question all of a sudden?  I started  to feel abandoned by her, it only took her one glance, one glance at him to get her like this, and who? the guy who dared to push me into the water last week. What a joke.

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