Chapter 10.

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"Ah." Baekhyun said with utter amusement, his eyes fixed on me like a hawk and I couldn't help but flush under his intense gaze. But still, that lie detector was lying! as crazy as that might have sounded, but I was 100% sure of my feelings, and there was no way that I liked Baekhyun in anyway!

"Let's go." he suddenly said, retrieving me from my thoughts, and I looked at him with expressions that definitely implied confusion. "what do you mean? we have to play ag-"
"Byun Baekhyun, if your questions are ready, please insert them into the machine, and I'll ask them to your partner."  but of course, Baekhyun had no intention of doing so. I raised both eyebrows at him as a way of making a point, then at the lie detector between us , but his eyes kept focusing solely on me, and completely ignoring what the lady had just said. When I made sure that he wasn't planning on moving on with the game,  I reached for the small device, but his hand clapped over mine in an instant."let go!" I said while tugging at my hand, trying to free it, but he only wrapped his fingers tightly around it so it was hard for me to pull it back. Then, he got up and rounded the table ever so carelessly until he was standing at my side and hauled me up to my feet, my eyes widened, but he wasn't facing me anymore to see me react to his incredibly rude behavior, I was now left staring at his back while he dragged me behind to god knows where.

"Sir, you cannot leave the game until-"

"Oh shut your trap, woman."He snapped, and I could only turn my head to the camera and cast an apologetic look in its way. He was indeed rude, this Byun Baekhyun. When I was so close from smacking the back of his head with my other hand, I found that we had already reached a side door that was so well hidden I wouldn't have noticed it if it wasn't for him. He grabbed the door knob and twisted it open until we were finally out. "What the hell just happened in there?""We quit the game." He said so calmly that I was to tempted to go through with that head smack from earlier."Obviously! what about the punishment? the other stages? oh my god we're ruined!" I started blaming him for basically everything that has happened ever since I arrived to this damned amusement park, but his only reaction was leaning against one of the walls and actually daring  to crook a finger at me to tell me to come closer! "Not happening." I said while standing my ground and shook my head to emphasize my point then leaned against the opposite wall from him. He shrugged before standing straight, and to my surprise, Baekhyun took a few steps in my direction, but I couldn't take any ones back since I was well, backed up against a wall! "You really are clueless, aren't you?" He said just as he stood a few feet away from me. My expressions must have told him to go on or that he was dead, but I wouldn't know, and he laughed before deciding to fill me in. "So naive yet so damn beautiful, what's that look in your dark eyes, Diane?" I seriously couldn't get the words past my lips. What was he trying to do? me? naive and careless? and beautiful?! oh no he didn't! that was so freaking insulting! I moved away from the wall and tried to meet him half way, which was pretty easy since he didn't move from his place the slightest bit. "What are you talking about?" and all clicked. That must be it! "You knew that I was Kai's step sister from the beginning , didn't you? are you two playing some kind of a sick game right now? you better tell me the truth Baekhyun or I swear-"

"And if I did?" he said in that calm way again while my blood kept boiling in my veins, he was just another version of Kai, how irritating. "Don't play me Baekhyun, tell me the truth. Why the hell would you lead Mia on the way you have? and why would you ask her out on a double date if you knew that I was Kai's step-" 

"I knew you were her." What?

"You knew I was Kai's step-sister? is that what you're trying to say?" He must have been crazier than I thought!

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