Chapter 1.

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"Are you going to jump or what?!" The girl in the red bikini yelled from quite a distant, I was standing on the edge of a cliff while looking down at the water, all the others dived and I was the only one left. "I, uh..." I trailed off as I accidentally kicked some pebbles with my flip flops, which freaked me out and caused to take a few steps back. I held onto my pendent as I heard someone snickering. "Looks like baby Dahi isn't going to jump anytime soon, let's go back to the shore guys!" The girl who I've known since the 5th grade, and who happens to be the same one wearing the red bikini, is Kim Youngji, red hair and blue eyes, Youngji had nothing to hide, she was absolutely beautiful, she also thought of herself as the nicest person around, although a lot of people seemed to disagree, including myself.

"Please tell me you're going to jump too? they all have, it's called having fun." I turned around to find a brown haired guy that I've never seen before staring back at me, he raised a finger to his chin as he thought about something, "what was your name again? Did they say Diane? whatever, just jump!" The stranger spat and I found myself curling my fists into balls by my side, who was he to address me in such way? I was never the scared kid, I've always liked to take risks and discover the unknown, my only goal ever since I turned thirteen almost six years ago, was to travel the world and explore new places once I become old enough. But, my goals were long forgotten after what happened that night.

The guy tapped his wrist as his eyes studied me carefully. "The clock is ticking, Diane." He said my name wrong, but I didn't care enough to correct him. Instead, my eyes moved down to the area he was tapping to find that it was, indeed, hand watch free. I managed a glare in his direction, which made him chuckle. He took a step closer to me and I immediately took one back, he took another one until I was forced to stand in my place, unless I wanted to get killed by jumping off this goddamned cliff. Why have I agreed to come?

Since the stranger was a few inches taller than me, he lowered his head so we became eye-level as he spoke, "black as a dark night, yet so sparkly...And dull. Look behind you!"

Before I could process what happened, I was held against a bare chest and watched as everything around me became blurry and in fast motion. The next thing I know, I was surrounded by water, and deafened by my own screaming.


"Guess what, Diane, you made it."

I heard someone saying as I blinked away the water and wiped my face with my hands.

I looked ahead and found no signs of Youngji or her clique. But there was one person staring at me with his eyes peeking out of the water while the other half of his face was hidden underneath it. I immediately lashed out on him, "who the hell do you think you are?! what gave you the right to push me?!" I could feel how mad I was from how hard my hands were trembling. He didn't say a word.

I wasn't going to wait for him.

I started swimming back to the shore where the others probably were. This was a bad idea, I knew it since the moment I agreed to come. It was my last year as a high schooler and I was starting college next fall, which isn't too far away, and even though Youngji and I weren't the best of friends, she insisted that I come since she was the one who planned this whole trip. Stupid, stupid trip.

The sounds of my arms flapping against the water made the boy's voice almost inaudible as he called out after me, "You sure you won't need this?!" I didn't even turn around to face him as I lifted my hand up and flipped him off then continued swimming towards the shore.

"Suit yourself!" He called again.


"Joon, that's not how you sing it!" Youngji complained as our sweet friend, Joon, started playing his guitar and decided to sing along. We all tried to hold in our laughter because he was just so bad at singing, but really brilliant when it came to playing musical instruments. We were gathered around a small fire that we started ourselves, grilling marshmallows, I watched absentmindedly as the fire ate at my stick.

"Oh shit, Dahi!" A voice said and then a pair of arms were wrapped around me, I looked at my stick then my poor marshmallows as they fell onto the sand. I brought my gaze up and I was suddenly staring into the soft gaze of Jackson. Also known as the ladies man of our grade. Jackson was, according to the other girls, the perfect guy to ever exist. He had brown eyes and gorgeous silky brown hair, and the perfect white smile to go with them, and he definitely was full of talents. Funny thing though, I wasn't attracted to him, or anyone for that matter.

"You alright?" he asked after a beat, and I nodded, forcing my eyes to look away from how tenderly his looks were. It almost sickened me."I can do it for you," he said as he leaned down and picked up my stick, then twirled it between his fingers. "You know what, I will do it." He said after looking at the doomed side of my marshmallows where they got 'too' grilled."How is it possible that you guys are eating fire grilled marshmallows without me?" the guy who we all seem to ignore occasionally, Kyungsoo, took a seat next to Joon. "What happened there?" He asked both me and Jackson. Jackson shrugged his shoulders, and without any more words, he got up with the stick in hand, and I was left staring at his back as he walked away. Okay then.

"Have you guys heard the latest rumor?" Kyungsoo said, and suddenly, everyone was paying attention to him."What are you talking about?" Youngji's bestfriend Jia asked as she leaned forward, eager to know what Kyungsoo had in store for them. I looked at the curious humans sitting before me as they became only a few inches away from Kyungsoo's face."I swear if this was anything like that rumor about Oh Sehun from last year, you're done for, Kyungsoo." Youngji threatened, even a blind person would notice the way Kyungsoo's Adam's apple popped up and down. He probably thought of her as terrifying."It's not." He finally said, "even though school is out, there are a group of students that keep heading there at exactly 12 A.M...Don't look at me like that." He said when he noticed the looks on everyone's faces, including mine. He was about to babble something far from the truth...Again.

"And?" Jia rushed him on.

"'s been told that they only go there to..."

"To..." They all said in unison.

Kyungsoo's eyes looked bigger than they normally were as he said a little above a whisper, "perform witchery..."


"AISSSSSHHHHHHHH!" They all yelled at him, and I was glued back to my chair from how loud they were."It's as unrealistic as the one about Oh Sehun, shut up Kyungsoo." Jia said irritably before leaning back and check out her manicured nails.

The poor guy was left looking dumbfounded.

"Who wants to bet that what Kyungsoo just said was true?" Oh no. 

It's him. I could feel the hairs on my back rise, and it didn't take me long to recognize his voice, I would recognize that arrogant tone of his anywhere. I turned around to find him already looking at me, eyes gleaming wickedly, like he'd just won the lottery or something. I quickly turned back and closed my eyes while biting down on my lower lip. Hul!

"Kai sunbae? what are you doing here?" Kyungsoo asked, his eyes almost bulging out of his face at the sight of Kai coming closer to where we were all sitting. I stood up and embraced myself for what was coming next. "Well, aren't you all having fun?" He asked as his arm found its way around my shoulders. I looked up at him with a sheepish look, and he smiled widely at me. A fake you're-in-deep- shit smile. "Especially you." He added."You said something about a bet." Kyungsoo said, and Kai chuckled softly before taking his eyes off me and at Kyungsoo. I mirrored his expression nervously. Oh god.

"Indeed I have," Kai started, catching the attention of everyone again as he pointed at Kyungsoo, then looked away from him momentarily as he said, "I bet $20 that what Kyungsoo said was absolute bullshit." He said, then looked at Kyungsoo as he added, "sorry bro, I can't handle losing another 50 bucks."What? they've done this before? Kyungsoo's excited expression changed as he glared at Kai. "Wasn't my fault." he encountered, and Kai simply shrugged, then brought his eyes back on me once again when Kyungsoo babbled about some nonsense bet they made last year. "$20 you say, huh?" Kyungsoo asked once more, then got up and started collecting money from the others. I stared dumbfounded at them. Was it that easy for them to bet on anything? 

"Yep," Kai said before taking his arms off me and cross them over his middle. Leaning slightly forward to gauge my reaction, he added, "especially, when this supposedly grounded kid is involved, right Dahi?"

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