Chapter 3.

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"You didn't have to embarrass me the way you did!" I shouted as I walked faster so that Kai couldn't catch up with me, but who was I kidding. His strides were as twice as big as mine. Damn it. Ever since my dad married his mom almost four years ago, we never felt the need to address the kind of relationship we share, since we were no friends nor even siblings for that matter. He lived in his own world while I lived in mine, I didn't know anything personal about him, hell, I didn't even know what his favorite food was! since he was always in his room or at his friends', I never got the chance to get to know him...And I don't think I ever want to, he's an irritable bastard who always gets on my nerves and would love nothing more than to see me get in trouble with my father, Kai probably wasn't going to let this one go until he was fully satisfied with himself, the jerk. Thanks to him, I always thought that  it'd be best for my sake if I just stayed away and kept my distance from all boys, including him.

I've never bent my dad's rules before, but he grounded me only because I had a fight with his oh so precious wife. And of course, Kai knew all about it since he was there when it all had happened. She'd always tried to act the role of my mother, but she can never take her place, no one can ever replace my mother...or my sister. So what I did today was out of the ordinary for the new me, it was my last year in high school and I just wanted to let it all out before I get into college. At least I tried to, yet Kai just had to get in the way."You alright there?" I heard Kai's voice coming from behind me as I was finally able to keep a good distance between us. I didn't want him walk beside me or anywhere near me after what he'd done earlier. "Don't even talk to me." I said, and heard him chuckle. Cold steel had actually chuckled, well, if that wasn't a big surprise.

"Since when have you started hanging out with the silicones copycats?" and by that, he was obviously referring to Youngji and Jia, also known as the silicones of our grade. From what I knew, Youngji and Jia were as nice as silicones could come, they weren't as mean and dominant as Kim Nara and her clique were, but they weren't evil free either. I mean, Kim Nara was Youngji's sister after all. 

I stopped in my tracks when I was hit with my best comeback yet, "What, Kai? missing your girlfriend too much?" I teased. Kim Nara was well known in our school for liking Kai ever since she laid eyes on him god knows when, although they were a year older than us, we still knew what went down with them thanks to Kyungsoo's big, but useful mouth. No one knew that Kai and I were living in the same house, or that our parents were married, the people in my school have always thought that we were simply -neighbors. But I always found myself wondering whether his famous clique from high school knew about me?

I didn't miss the way he cringed at the mention of the word 'girlfriend' though.

"Why'd you even bring her into this?" he asked coolly, a thing he usually does whenever someone tries speaking to him, acting cold. Always. Which explains why he's never been seen with a girl since I knew him."So, you've never had a girlfriend before?" I don't know what possessed me to try and actually ask him a personal question. I heard the sound of his footsteps coming closer and in a moment, he was standing right in front me with his chest rising up and down. Oh god, was he angry?

"Aren't you supposed to be grounded? what brought you here?" He asked as a way to dodge my question. Not gonna happen. I stuck my chin in the air, showing him that I could be just as smugly as he was trying to be, "did she dump you because she found someone who can actually show emotions?"For the first time in nearly four years, I saw something strange flashing in Kai's eyes, something that wasn't the usual coldness or anger. He curled his hands into two fists at his sides, and I couldn't bring my eyes to meet his anymore. "Car. Now." He ordered in a dreadful tone, then turned around and walked towards his car that was parked on the other side of the street. I kept my mouth shut and followed him until we reached it, and he didn't even wait for me to get in as he did, then started the engine. What was I thinking?! gosh, Dahi, how stupid can you be?!

We stayed quiet through the entire ride, not even music was turned on, just the sound of our breathing combined inside the vehicle. My step brother's vehicle. I kept stealing glances at him from time to time, but he never took his eyes off the road. I couldn't believe that my first ride with him would turn out this way.


"I thought you were all grown up now, guess I was wrong, Dahi." My dad scolded the moment I walked into the house, he somehow found out about my plans, but I didn't have to look farther to know who was responsible for this. Kai. I shot him a look, but he only looked at me with the same coldness I was used to. If only looks could kill. I thought as I kept glaring at him. "You thought I was a grown up, yet you grounded me? because that's so logical dad, really." I said as I headed for the staircase and climbed up the first two stairs, but stopped when my father spoke again, he wasn't finished yet. "Save the sarcastic comments to someone that appreciates them, and come down right now." My dad said with a controlled voice. I could tell that he didn't want to lash out on me, but was tempted to. I shut my eyes tightly before reopening them, then turned around to climb down the two stairs, and walk into the living room, and who was there to watch? Kai.

Even though he pretended to be watching T.V, I knew he was enjoying every bit of my torment. He had to be."What did I tell you last night?" my dad asked as he sat on the couch opposite me. "You told me how good of a daughter I am." I said, and he shot me a look that meant he's had enough with my sarcasm. So I rephrased my answer, "well, you did tell me how difficult I make life for you." He didn't actually say it, but his tone of voice implied it. Before marrying Kai's mother, Leila, my dad sat me and my sister down to break the news for us, "It's been more than six years since your mother have passed, I had always loved her, always will. But I know deep down, that she'd want us to be happy, and for you to have someone who could take proper care of you besides your old man,"  that's what he'd said when he mentioned that he found someone who he was going to marry, I remember my sister's bitter expression when my dad told us that we were going to meet his future wife and step brother soon. I miss you, sis.  

It wasn't like I had something against Leila as a person, it was just that I didn't like how she thinks she could take the place of my mother so easily. And her son though, I didn't think I was the only messed up kid in this house. My dad did that thing again where he sighs heavily then runs a hand over his face in frustration, he reached for his back pocket to retrieve a cigarette, but when he couldn't find one, he started tapping down his jeans pockets. My dad never used to smoke, until six years ago, he said that smoking was the only way for him get through the day. Imagine how that made us feel."Kai, have you seen my pack of cigarettes?" Kai didn't even bother to reply with words as he only shook his head in answer. He liked my dad just as much as I liked his mom, which wasn't really that much."I could swear I had it on me," my dad murmured distractedly, and in a matter of seconds, he was out of the door, and I was left alone with the company  of Kai.

It didn't take me much time to stand up and walk outside the living room area, but as I reached the door frame, the sound of a phone ringing caught my attention and I turned around to find Kai staring at me. I stared back.

"Well?" I said, "aren't you going to answer that?"

He laughed mockingly.

"Might wanna check where you left your phone, kid." I hated when he called me that.

"Just because you're a year older, it doesn't mean that you get to call me that." I said as my phone continued to ring. I didn't even bother to look for it.

He laughed again. "Is that so? you really think you're mature?"

I nodded viciously as I crossed my arms over my middle and stared at him with a 'the hell do you mean?' look. His barely there smile widened and he turned off the T.V, but his eyes were still focused on me. "You know what? I'll save my breath instead." He said before getting up from the couch and walk right past me, leaving me wondering what the hell was going on inside that mind of his.

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