Chapter 8.

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"And I'm going back because there's no way you'll be my partner." I said on a turn, but to my surprise, the cave doors were already closed and I was stuck outside with him. "Oh, did I fail to mention that you can't change partners after you get out of the cave? my bad." He said, and came to stand next to me.

"Hi." He said with a wave, then extended his hand out for me.

"We haven't been properly introduced yet, I'm Byun Baekhyun, nice to meet you, Dahi."


"A lie detector? what else have you not told us?" What the hell was this place? what kind of an amusement park game would have a lie detector?! "Why so shocked? are you afraid that I'll figure out what lays beneath that tough surface of yours?" he asked, and I groaned. "I'm not hiding anything, and sure enough, you already know that you're not my favorite person in the world. Wasn't this supposed to be you and Mia? what happened?"

"Was it?" His smile was a sneaky one, "I don't know, let's pass this stage and figure out -he made air-quotes- what happened." it took me a moment to realize that he took a grab of my hand and started dragging me behind him. "Let go!" I demanded, but he only laughed as he pointed with his other hand towards a big sign that laid a few feet away. Partners should walk in while holding hands. Hul, I shot a disgusted look at the camera, and it tilted up and down, confirming my suspicion, we couldn't finish this stage without having to walk in while holding hands. 'Luck' has dumped me already.

"Ready?" He asked with a slight smile, and I nodded warily. As we walked inside the second cave, it wasn't a scary themed one as I thought it was going to be...this one was actually a fairy tale themed. Surprise brought you by: Byun Baekhyun. "What's your favorite fairy tale princess?" Baekhyun asked out of nowhere, I looked away from my surroundings and at his back as I murmured, "I don't have one."

"You expect me to believe that a girl like you doesn't have a favorite princess?" A girl like me? What was that supposed to mean?!

"What's that supposed to mean?!" I asked a bit too loudly than intended, and he chuckled. "Never mind, I'll be your prince from now on." he said, and the back of his head looked so tempting to smack."Who said you could be?" I asked, and he stopped to look back at me as he replied, "I already am. Walk on my right." He grabbed me next to him as we started walking again, and when I glanced over at his left, there was water streaming down, he was probably playing the gentleman card with me. Huh, not going to work. "I'm not buying your lies, you know. This whole I'm into Mia thing, I know what you really are." I said, and he glanced at me for a split second before looking back ahead.

"And what am I, Dahi?" He suddenly started calling me by my actual name? what kind of game was this guy playing? "A player." I said without hesitating, and he laughed, like actually laughed. If we weren't inside a cave he'd have been rolling on the floor by now. "How about we save the right answer after we're done with that?" he pointed towards a small hill where two chairs were placed opposite each other and a steel table with a rounded thing settling on top of it. The lie detector.

We climbed up a bunch of stairs until we reached the chairs and sat ourselves down, "you ready?" Baekhyun asked, and I nodded. He pushed a button on the side of the table and a weird noisy music started playing before a woman's voice boomed through the speakers, "Congratulations on making it to the second stage, now, your sincerity will be tested, if you and your partner answered all of the questions truthfully, you shall be able to move onto the 3rd stage, if not, you will repeat the game and face a punishment of your partner's choice until you become honest with one another, please place your hands on top of our lie detector in front of you, the game!"

So this woman was going to ask all the questions?

I felt relieved knowing that Baekhyun wouldn't be the one asking me instead.

"Person seated on the left, what is your name?"

"Byun Baekhyun."

"Person seated on the right, what is your name?"

"Im Dahi."

"Byun Baekhyun, are you satisfied with your partner?

Baekhyun flashed me a lousy smile.

"Very." He replied, and I felt a knot in my stomach. Player!

"Your answer is...Correct."

"Why do you look so disappointed, Diane? you wanted me to lie so we could stick around here for long?" he said, and I stared at him with disgust, which surprisingly made him laugh.

"Im Dahi, are you satisfied with your partner?"

The corner of my mouth lifted up in a smirk, "No." I answered, and was more than thrilled to see Baekhyun's shocked expression.

"Your answer is...Correct."

"Whao, this couple is a feisty one!" the woman suddenly said, and I glared at the camera which I was sure she was watching us from. We were not a couple!

"Now, each of you is allowed to ask the other three questions, if all of the questions were answered honestly, you'll face no punishment and move onto the 3rd stage."


I stared wide eyed at Baekhyun as a sly smile took over his face. He knew that he had such an advantage! I couldn't help but feel utterly stupid, we were the ones to ask the questions. My goodness.

"If your questions are ready, please insert them into the machine, and I'll ask them to your partner."

I was mentally slapping myself. Repeatedly. I let Baekhyun insert his questions first, so I could have the upper hand and embarrass him with mine later.

"First question asked by Byun Baekhyun: Did you have a good first impression of him?"

Of course he would ask such an obvious question.

"No." I answered, and Baekhyun's smile widened. What was he thinking?

"Your answer is...Correct."

He was still smiling knowingly at me. Oh god.

"Second question asked by Byun Baekhyun: How about now?"

I actually laughed at that one. He was trying so so so hard.

"It's still the same." I answered.

"Your answer is...Correct."

"Well, this is my last one." He said with half a smile, and I raised a mocking eyebrow at him.

"Third and last question asked by Byun Baekhyun: Do you happen to like him?"

I sighed, I bet that even the lady knew that I didn't.

"No." I answered, and Baekhyun held my gaze as we waited for the lie detector to sound the truth.


"Your answer is...Incorrect."

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