Chapter 13.

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I watched her climbing up the small stairs to her house, and not once did she turn around to look at me. I smiled apologetically to myself, knowing that she regrets our small encounter already. I turned to look at her again, but she was already gone. My car is still parked in front of her house even though she wasn't there anymore, I leaned my head back against the headrest with my eyes closed. What the hell was I thinking coming onto her like that? I must be-

A knock on the windshield have startled me and I looked up to find a pair of angry eyes staring at me. Fuck.

"Get. Out. Now." He mouthed at me and I dumbly squinted my eyes at him while pretending to be gullible. "Sorry! can't hear you!" I yelled like the crazy person I know I am, but it only made him more angry. So, for whatever amount of masculinity I might have left thanks to this man...I decided to roll down my window first. He was at my side within seconds. 

We both stayed silent for a moment, just admiring the facial structure of eachother's faces, although I'm sure that this particular person, didn't like the sight of me at all.

As a result of my cowardliness, he reached a hand inside the car and turned off its engine then managed to unlock my door and open it for me, "step out. Now." He threatened in a low voice that sent shivers down my spine. I smiled nervously as I got out of the car and closed the door behind me.

"Why in the world would you, Byun Baekhyun, give my daughter a ride home?" He asked with his hands crossed over is chest, and my heart beat matched every word of his. It was beating as crazy as his owner was. "Mr. Kim, long time no see I was jus-" "It's Mr. Im, stop beating around the bush like a coward and explain to me why you're here before your face ends up meeting my fist." He looked down at his hand-watch, and double tapped it. "You've got 5 minutes...Start." He went back to crossing his arms, but this time, he added in his tapping left leg. How amusing.

I swallowed as I tried coming up with the best lie to tell him, and finally had one that'd most definitely lead to my own death by Kai. "I have no ties with your daughter, sir...not anymore. But it happens that I'm seeing her bestfriend Mia, and so we all went on this double date and Kai was there and we just happened to-"

"Kai? my stepson Kai? why was he on a double date with you?" I mentally slapped myself. This man was one of either things; too stupid, or too smart, and I was about to find out. "Yes sir, Kai was there as your daughter's date...Oh, was this news to you?" Mr. Kim, as I always knew him as, turned white. He took a step back and placed a hand over his forehead, then his shaky pupils slowly started focusing on my face. "Since when?" He asked, this man was in shock, and judging from how easily he was persuaded, I thought I could win him over, but it wasn't for my sake, it was for Dahi's. 

I decided to stretch out the truth a little bit more while I was at it "I'm not sure sir, but it must be for a long time since they looked rather coupley today. I'm so sorry that you found out this way, sir. Shame on them. Tsk, tsk." I patted his shoulder, and he actually allowed me to, so when I was about to say bye and run off like I was hoping to, a hand gripped my shoulder, and turned me around so fast that everything seemed blurry for a second. 

"And I'm sorry to mess up your face this way, sir.

There I was, lying on the pavement with a nosebleed by none other than my worst frienemy...Kai.

I pinched the bridge of my nose slightly to try and stop the bleeding, and that was when Mr. Kim decided to give me a hand.

"You okay young man?" He asked as he pulled me up to my feet, and I nodded. He then turned around so his back was facing me as he addressed Kai. "Kai..." he trailed off for a moment and I watched Kai's eyes slowly settle on his stepdad's face instead of my own. 

"You're to leave this house...Now."

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