Chapter 7.

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"This is my friend Kai. Kai, these are Mia and Diane." Oh how I wished for the ground to swallow me up a whole. This was not happening!

"Diane?" Kai's dumbfounded look wasn't exactly a one that you see everyday, it's been three days since I had last talked to him. I hated that I was kept as a secret. None of this would've happened if he came clean with his friends about me, and our parents. "Yup, and Mia." Baekhyun said slowly as if Kai was some sort of an idiot that needed to be confirmed, he was an idiot alright, but I was sure that the real idiot here was Baekhyun, for setting me up with my step-brother. As much as that scared the living crap out of me, I still managed to keep my nerves at check. "Nice to meet you girls." Kai said after recovering, and shook hands with Mia then moved on to me, I shot him a 'what the hell is wrong with you?' look, but he kept forced-smiling at me, definitely enjoying my torment yet again. Stupid, stupid Baekhyun, if only he said my name right, then Kai would've known it was me and ditched, maybe? then I wouldn't have to be stuck in such an awful and sickening situation.

When I refused to hand shake him, he grabbed my hand forcefully and gave it a tight squeeze, "we wouldn't want to seem unfriendly, would we now, Diane." he said with that blood boiling smile of his, the one where he looks beyond entertained by what was going on. I couldn't say the same thing went for me. Mia looked between us without being able to say anything, while Baekhyun seemed oblivious to it all, the idiot. If only he knew that he was the cause of something beyond disgusting and irritating, he wouldn't still be having that stupid smile of his plastered on his stupid face.

"Now that you said your greetings, should we go in?" Baekhyun asked, and Kai let go of my hand to stand beside me. "She's my date, right?" He hooked a thumb at me while asking, and Baekhyun nodded as he grabbed Mia's hand. Mia looked apologetic when she was being pulled away by Baekhyun to walk to the entrance, while I was left behind with Kai.

"Are you crazy?! why the hell didn't you tell him who I was?!" I shouted once the two were at a good distance away from us.

"Crazy? you just met me, Diane, and you're already calling me crazy? wow that says so much about how this is going to turn out." He laughed, and I was so tempted to punch him in the face and cause him to loose his set of teeth."Fine, I'll tell him myself then." I threw the words in his face, then started walking when a hand grabbed my elbow and yanked me back to a halt. "Listen, kid. Baekhyun wouldn't get off my back until I get this shitty date over with, if I knew it was you, I'd have never showed up and told him that I'd rather date a monkey instead, but what's done is done, so you better get your immature mentality to deal with it so we both could get this over with, and if you tried to ruin this for him, I'll surely start working on making those threats happen." This piece of ignorant bull was threatening me again. I glanced at Baekhyun and Mia, they were looking at us but we probably didn't look as strange as our conversation was since their expressions looked normal. Ruin this for him? for Baekhyun? No shit.

"So, what do you say? the resemblance was too striking that the idiot must have gotten confused," He whispered the last part, and my stomach turned around in knots. What was that supposed to mean? when I looked back at him, his looks weren't the ones I was used to see from cold steel, he actually looked somewhat...sympathetic? why? and was it even possible for Kai to feel sympathy? I couldn't help but nod now, Mia seemed happy, and I really didn't want to ruin this for her, it'd be so selfish of me to do that, I should try and not care for what cold steel was babbling earlier. Not ruin this for Baekhyun? Could Baekhyun possibly be sincere about my friend? I hoped not, because I knew for sure that he was no good for her, I mean, look at who he brought along on their first double date; cold steel aka Kai.

I sighed heavily before looking away from him, then my gaze dropped on where he was grabbing me by the elbow . "Let go of me." I said, and he let go with a tight smile. "Let's go now, Diane Ki-" he stopped immediately, and my eyes slowly traveled to his in doubt. Did he just say...

"What did you just say?" I asked, eyes still trained on him, he averted my gaze and looked anywhere else but at me, but I wasn't going to have it. Instead, I held his face with both hands and forced him to look at me when I asked, "what did you say, Kai?" He can't possibly have spoken that name, her name, it was impossible, they never even met.

When it sunk in that he was not going to answer me even if I begged him to, which was never going to happen. His eyes looked past me, and he said, "They're waiting for us." I turned around and saw Mia and Baekhyun's backs turned to us. Thank god. "They will see us if we didn't muve sun and Dahi," why were some of his words not making sense? My eyes widened when I realized what I was still doing. I looked back at him, and slowly inched away. My hands were still squeezing his face when he said, "take yow hawnds off me."


"Make sure to punch Baekhyun, make sure to punch Baekhyun," I kept mumbling to myself as I made turns inside the damned cave, Baekhyun didn't mention that it was a scare house, well, it was themed to look like one, and the one thing I surely hated besides Kai, was feeling scared.

Spider-webs dangled from the ceiling while skeletons with red glowing eyes stared back at me inside their hanged coffins, I was sweating like crazy, and to make things worse, I kept hearing people shouting from the other routes. The young man outside explained us the game, also he didn't bother mentioning the scary bit, I guess it was supposed to be a surprise or something. Well, I was definitely surprised, and not in a good way. Anyhow, he did tell us that each of us will be taking a different route along with other people, and once we're separated, we'll be faced with challenges and different turns, lastly, we were expected to end up with one partner once we exit the cave to move onto the other stages and finish the damned game. He also mentioned a prize, but that was when I stopped paying attention.

I made another left turn and stopped at an abandoned pirate ship, it was full of skeletons and fake gold, the treasure they were going to seek, I supposed. What made this a bit easier for me to handle was that the place had cameras everywhere you go, obviously, to keep the players safe, so whenever I felt extremely scared, I would shout my frustration at one of the cameras, and it would show a response by either tilting up or down. When I was almost half way and could see the end of the cave, there was a water bridge that I was supposed to cross, so I did just that and ran with all my might until I was hit by the summer breeze outside. I was through with stage one. Thank goodness.

I squinted at the sun as I took a much needed breath, before hearing someone laughing behind me. I turned around and saw him leaning against one side of the cave. I sighed,

Why does bad luck always accompany me?

He started applauding me with a smug smile on his face,

"Well done, Diane. You made it."

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