Chapter 6.

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"Do you know what time it is?" my dad said as soon as I walked into the house, it was only 10 P.M and he already made a big deal out of it. Yes, I was practically outside for the entire day, but that's all because I missed spending some time with my bestfriend...okay, maybe I did take a walk for like an hour just to think things through on my own, but my dad made it seem like I had spent a week out, and not a few hours. "Yes dad, I'm well aware that it's 10 P.M, can I go to my room please?" seriously, I was old enough to stay past 10 even! why my dad still treated me like a 9 year old was beyond me. I'm off to college pretty soon, and is expecting some goddamned space!

"10:30." He corrected. Unbelievable!

"10:30." I repeated with a smile that didn't quite reach my eyes. He sighed before talking again, "don't you have any consideration towards your old man? I was worried sick about you, and did you forget that you were also still grou-" "Grounded. I know dad, I just don't understand what has gotten into you ever since you married that...that witch!" I couldn't help the words coming out of my mouth and quickly snapped a hand over it. Snap, that wasn't supposed to be said out loud. "Witch? did you just call your step-mother a witch?" Rather than sounding offended, my dad looked...hurt. His cigarette hung from his mouth and he didn't meet my gaze anymore. I knew why, having your daughter call the person you 'love' a witch in such a nonchalant way would definitely hurt. I remember my mother once told me that the worst thing a person could do, is hurt someone they deeply care about. That's what I'd done, I just hurt my father with my nonchalance.

"Dad, I'm-"

"Where did you go?" he still wouldn't look at me as he asked the question. I bit my lower lip furiously and stared down at my fingers. The words wouldn't come out anymore.

"Relax, cap." Oh god.

We all turned around to face an amused looking Kai standing at the door.

"Your daughter was with me."


"Don't think just because you got me out of one trouble, I'd be all thankful and stuff." I said as I faced the T.V inside the living room, Kai was sitting on the opposite couch from me, and it was the just the two of us. The word 'awkward' would be an understatement for the way I felt at that moment. Kai and I being in the same room, alone, again. What did I ever do to deserve this? Maybe a lot, but my punishment shouldn't be this severe. My dad had sort of forgiven me after Kai explained him that we went out for ice cream, he kept feeding him lies about how the both of us wanted to bond and stop the childish acts between us. Was it possible that Kai saw me at the ice cream shop with Mia and that guy earlier? if not, how'd he know? and why was I even thinking about this while I should be confronting him?

"I'm not expecting anything from you, but it'd be nice if you just respected my mother the way I respect your father, you did say you were all grown up after all." His words infuriated me in such way that I didn't think it was possible for me to want to kill someone so badly, right here, and right now.

"Is that why you did what you did? so your mother would be at ease and have it all with my father while I watch from afar?" I said, and Kai let out a mocking chuckle as he lifted his eyes off the T.V and looked at me, he wasn't laughing anymore when he addressed me so coldly, "listen, kid. From how I see it, you haven't grown up one bit, so this will be my offer to you, you either stop being a little bitch to my mother, or....I make your life a living hell -he rose up from the couch and walked to the coffee table to retrieve my dad's pack of cigarette- because trust me, Dahi -he took one cigarette and drew a lighter from his back pocket to light it up- once I set my mind on something, -he was smoking the cigarette now- I most definitely, make it happen."

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