Chapter 11/Interviews and panic attacks

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Niall's pov

As soon as we were out of that hospital, I felt relief wash through me well that was until I seen that we were going to have to go in the van to get to the interview and that's when I lost it

My chest hurted as I became very short of breath, sweating and trembling like mad

"Ni, Niall, Nialler" Louis gently spoke making me turn my head a bit to him

"You ok Ni" Liam asked

"Of course he isn't Li he's having a panic attack" Harry spoke as he knelled in front of me

"what's wrong" Harry asked

"N-Not g-go-ing in th-at" I croaked out

"Aww Ni you will be fine honest, you have us here with you" Zayn reassured me

It took about 10 minutes until I calmed down

"You ready to go" Louis asked

"Yea" I shakily said before Liam wheeled me into the back of the van and strapping me in then sitting next to me as the others climbed in the front

"You will be fine Ni, I promise" Liam promised me as we set off

"Ni you can go to sleep you now, it will take about half hour" Liam told me as I nodded before letting Liam put my head rest up on my wheelchair, letting me pull my blankets up and put my head against the head rest, closing my eyes, letting darkness take over me for a while.

Liam's pov

"Hey guys how long left" I asked as I looked at a peaceful looking Niall asleep

"Not long why" Louis asked

"Because Ni is asleep" I told them causing Louis and Harry to turn around and look at Niall in such a loving way because it was easy to say we all loved each other

"Hey lads I don't mind if you find this disgusting but I love you all and I would like to know if you all would like to be in a 5-way relationship" I asked scared of the answer

"Of course babe" Was all the response I was over whelmed

"Really you don't hate me" I asked

"Of course not me, Niall and Zayn all kissed earlier" Louis said like it was obvious which made us all laugh

"We're here" Zayn said as he stopped the car while Paul climbed out

"Ni wake up baby" I shook him awake

"Mmm Liam?" Niall tiredly spoke

"Yea baby were here, are you ready" I asked

"what if they don't like me or if they make fun of me or even hate me and say it's my fault" Niall crocked out as it looked like he was about to have a panic attack

"Hey Ni calm down, no one is going to hate or blame you at all" I told him as I hugged him which calmed him down

"You ready to go babe" Zayn asked

"Yea I guess" Niall said as I started to unstrap him

"Let's go then" Louis shouted as he climbed out the van luckily there was no fans as they were in a hidden studio but there was a few fans that was invited.

As soon as we arrived inside we were sent straight to the room where everyone gasped because they seen Niall

"Good morning lads, my name is Masie anyway how are you all" Masie asked us

"We all tired really" Louis spoke

"Niall why you in a wheelchair" Masie asked Niall

"He was in a car crash" Louis told her before Niall can

"You sure this isn't just a joke" Maise wondered

"No it isn't he is paralysed from the waist down" Zayn grinnted through his teeth

"Sorry that was a stupid question let's just forget I said that anyway How are you going to perform on stage"

"He can either sit in is chair or we can carry him" I answered

"How do you boys feel about it and the situation" Masie asked us

"We were pretty upset that we can't play football and all that but were starting to accept it plus we can still have a load of fun, it's one of those things that you have to accept" Harry spoke

"Will you ever walk again Niall" Masie asked which all Niall did was shake his head making me frown before answering

"There is a chance of him walking but it will take a couple of years yet" I told her

"Where are you going to be living from now on Niall" Masie wondered

"I don't know" Niall responded

'I wonder what's up with him' I thought

"He will be living with us"

"Okay thank you One direction for coming on, we will see you soon" Masie said as we shook her hand

"Hey Niall you okay" I asked as I wheeled Niall off stage

"Yea" Niall responded

"You sure" I questioned as we were near the van

"Yes" Niall told me again

Niall's pov

As soon as we were in the car, I closed my eyes falling asleep but there was one problem and that was I had a feeling in my stomach that something bad was going to happen...

Hi guys hope ur all ok love you all xx

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