Chapter 15/ flying and site seeing

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Harry's pov

Currently me and the lads part from Niall was packing ready for our flight in 5 hours

"How do you think we'll get on the plane" Liam asked

"I bet one of us would have to carry Niall while the others or Paul carries the wheelchair" I said

"Probably yea" Louis admitted just as he closed his suitcase

"I'm going to check on Ni" Louis spoke as he walked out the room

"You know there is two things that I can't get out of my head" I spoke

"And what is that" Liam asked

"Well before the crash when Niall was talking to his mom he seemed very upset and haven't told us yet and I have this feeling that when Niall was throwing up blood the doctor knew more but wouldn't tell us" I admitted make Zayn and Liam look at me before agreeing with me

"I think we should ask Niall" Liam responded as we all shut and zipped our suitcases before taking all of them down even Niall's and Louis then walking into the living room to find Niall lying on the sofa with his head in Louis's lap

"Hey guys"Zayn spoke as we sat on the floor in front of them

"Ni babe can we ask you something" Liam gently spoke

"Course Li" Niall responded looking at him

"So before the crash, you was speaking to your mom but you seemed upset and when I asked you if you was okay, you lied and said yes but what was really up Ni" Liam asked softly

"Well lil theo birthday had gone and they wanted me to go and visit them so I texted management but they said no" Niall admitted looking down

"Aww Ni you should have told us" Liam cooed

"I'm sorry" Niall yawned

"Go to sleep Niall we'll probably be on the plane when you wake you" Zayn said and he was right

5 hours later Niall woke up on the plane with me by him

"Hey Ni" I spoke

"How did I get here" Niall asked

"Liam carried you like a baby while Paul carried your wheelchair" I said as he relaxed lying his head on my arm

4 hours later and we we're  finally in our hotel room

"Let's go site seeing" Niall randomly said which we did and it was amazing but I was dreading the concert


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