chapter 3

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"Niall Horan" All the lads stood up

"Hello Lads my name is Marvin and I am going to be Niall's doctor while he is here, anyway Niall is a strong lad, we had to operate on him as he had glass in his arm, broken arm, leg and rib, plus cuts all over his head, during the operation we nearly lost Niall 3 times so we had to put him on life support until he wakes up, do you have any questions" Marvin asked

"Will he live" Harry asked

"Yes he will" Marvin said

"Would he need a wheelchair?" Louis asked

"It's too early to say yet" Marvin said

"Can we see him" Zayn asked

"of course" Marvin replied as he lead the lads into Niall room, they were shocked to say the least, Niall was lying on the Hard crimpled hospital bed, looking paler than the sheets with all types of tubes coming out of him.

"Oh Ni" Liam said as they all gathered into Niall's hospital room. All the lads stayed their everyday and took it in turns to stay at night times. They wasn't expecting what happened next...
Hi guys sorry this is a short update but I haven't updated in ages anyway this is for jhe'sa_5sos_1d xx love you all

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