Chapter 18/Sick

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Sorry it's a bit lame

Niall's PoV

As soon as I opened my eyes, I regret it as my stomach decided to launch its self which made me sit up and vomit over the covers on the hotel bed which the lads and I was all sharing

"Aww baby" Zayn whispered as he rubbed my back and tapped Liam's shoulder

"Aww Ni" Liam said as he quickly sat up and grabbed the rubbish bin and put it under my chin while carefully moving the quilt of us all which Larry didn't like and woke up

"Sorry guys but Niall's sick" Liam explained as I leaned back on Zayn

"My god Ni, you look horrible" Louis spoke as Liam shot him a glare

"We n-need to g-get up" I breathlessly told them as my asthma was playing up

"Here Ni and why" Harry asked as he passed my inhaler

"Phisio and interview" I told him after I took my inhaler

"Your sick Ni, your not going anywhere" Liam told me

"Yes I am Liam, now get me dressed" I ordered him a bit angry that he's trying to tell me what to do

"How about I get you dressed Ni while Liam goes and gets some medicine" Zayn offered as I nodded before everyone left part from Zayn

"Well it's summer so do you want to some shorts and a sleeveless top" Zayn asked as I nodded my head before letting him put me in them

"Can I have a blanket on my legs" I asked as he took off my top

"Sure Ni and where did you get those bruise from" Zayn asked as he pointed at the purple bruises

"Harry has a very tight grip on me at night" I told him as he nodded before doing my hair and then carried me downstairs

"Right Ni, I phoned Paul and he says if you have temperature of 38c or more then your not going" Louis said with a thermometer in is hands

"Open" Louis ordered as I opened my mouth then closed it and waited for the beep

*beep beep*

"Sorry Ni but we're not going anywhere, Liam come here" Louis shouted as Liam ran out with tablets in his hands

"Zayn can you give Niall two of these please" Liam asked as Zayn took the box and opened it before making me take two tablets

"Niall's temp is 40c" Louis told Liam

"Right Ni we'll leave it two hours but if it goes higher, your going hospital" Liam spoke before Zayn picked me up and placed me on the couch

"Let's watch a movie" Liam said as he picked Jurassic park before sitting by me while I lied with my head on Zayn's lap while he played with my hair which he knows puts me to sleep and it did as well

Only to be woken up 2 hours later

"Ni wake up, we have to check your temp" Liam gently spoke as Zayn pulled me onto his lap

"Open up Ni" Louis said as he placed the thermometer in my mouth

"You ok Ni" Harry asked as I shook my head before we heard the famous beep

"Ok Liam, we need to go hospital, it's 41c" Louis explained

"Okay let's go" Liam said as I started crying into Zayn's shoulder while he lifted me up

"What's wrong Ni" Zayn asked

"My head and body hurts and I'm tired" I told him as we climbed into the car


"Can we get some help please" Liam asked the lady at the desk

"I'll call Marvin but can one of you stay behind and tell me what's wrong while the others go in to that dark room" she explained as Louis stayed behind while we went in

"I don't want to be here" I cried into Zayn for at least 10 minutes before calming down as Marvin and Louis came through the door

"Hello Niall, now I heard your feeling really bad for ages now and I have a feeling it's stress and shock still but we'll run tests to make sure" Marvin said before taking some blood and telling the nurse to check that while he takes me for a chest infection as he also thinks it's my asthma now


"Right boys I can now tell you that what I assumed was wrong with Niall is"


Hey guys how are you all, what do you think Marvin is going to say and how do you feel about this ending also it will be edited on my Christmas break xx

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